About Me !

Hello friends, this is Anamika Chattopadhyaya, a Blogger (and Content Writer) hailing from the heart of paradise ‘North-east', India. I am not a makeup pro but an avid enthusiast and have a keen interest in Beauty, Fashion and SKINCARE.

I am in love with this blogosphere 💕 This blog 'Natural Beauty And Makeup' is truly a reflection of myself and I dedicate the name of this blog to all those queens, who are naturally beautiful but when added a dash of makeup ; they look ‘FABULOUS’. This blog is all about Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle.

I believe that ‘Man is the maker of his own fortune’, so I would definitely give my hundred percent effort  to stand out in this blog world . I have an M.A in Mass Communication & Journalism and had worked in Media industry previously but now I'm a homemaker & enjoying  the beautiful ride of marriage with my soulmate. I am a person, who strongly hates Sarcasm, enjoys Freedom and respects Criticism. Hobbies include Photography, Blogging and Travelling 😊💙

I am not here to compete with anyone. I always had that habit of writing diary  and now  just digitizing it into another level i.e.  BlogThis is completely a personal blog of mine, so I will update all posts according to my time schedule. One more thing, here I will post the reviews of those products or services which are mostly oriented towards my skin/hair/choice type. I am a medium skin toned beauty with combination type skin and hair.

In this blog you will find Product/Service reviews, Beauty/Skincare tips, Fashion posts, Home remedies/DIY, Travel stories/tips, and all things related to Life style. Starting a blog is definitely a new venture for me and I hope you will support me in driving this successfully.

Happy blogging and keep visiting 💕😊🙏