Monday 25 January 2016

The Nature’s Co Lavender –Ylang Ylang Body Butter & Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream Review

Hey cuteypies,   

Are you enjoying this winter? Uh, it’s really getting tough for me to wake up in the morning, coming out of the cosy blanket! No option but to move on (Thank God, Pune is not that cold place). As compared to my facial skin, body skin is much dry and as usual during winter, it gets over dry. Like I mentioned in my previous winter care post part 1, that cold season is double trouble for dry skin beauties that includes me also! Thankfully, Nature’s co sent their body butter and face cream in their November Beauty Box to me and I took full advantage of them. Thus am sharing my views on these right away.

Today I am going to review TNC Lavender – Ylang-Ylang body butter & Vanilla Vitamin E Face cream from Atmospure range, which are the sample products of my November Beauty Box 2015. Keep reading to know more about it.

TNC Body Butter & Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream
TNC Lavender Body Butter & Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream

Thursday 21 January 2016

Beauty Tips/ Hacks

Beauty Tip 4-

# To get rid of wrinkles and hair breakage issue, try to opt for silk pillow cases instead of cotton. Cotton covers create pressure on the skin which leads to wrinkles. However silks are very smooth and they don’t mess with hair also!

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Thursday 14 January 2016

WINTER CARE ( Diet & Fitness) – PART 2

Do you want to get a glowy skin and lustrous hair right this season?

  Are you ready to rock this winter with a fit and toned body?

If yes, then this article is for you!!

Today, in the ‘Winter Care’ topic, I shall discuss about the diet and exercises best for the winter season, and not about any home remedy or products. I don’t know if I’m tad bit late for this topic, as winter is almost gone here whereas my hometown friends in North-east are enjoying chilling weather there! Still I would like to dig deep into winter health and skin care, diet regime, which do keep much importance in improving our lifestyle and you can follow these tips every winter season. I personally give much importance to skincare and fitness than the makeup things (LOL, till now you already got that hint from my blog title only- Natural Beauty...). So the mantra of this article is ‘Glow from inside’, but this would be possible only when you would indulge yourself in healthy lifestyle.

Now read ahead to find out, what are those magical foods and powerful exercise which you should follow at home throughout this cold season.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

A day trip to LAVASA, New Year Celebration & OOTD

My husband and I had decided to celebrate this New Year in GOA, but by the time we could manage everything, all the hotels were booked. Damn!  We had contingency plan too which we opted later. In the meantime we thought, what else could be better than starting a New Year in a religious manner by visiting temples? Accordingly, on the 1st Jan, we visited first Dagdusheth Ganesha temple and then went to Ramakrishna Mission, which are located in Pune,India. Since childhood I have learnt that we should worship lord Ganesha before commencing any good thing. Also every year on the 1st January, Ramakrishna Mission followers observe the day as Kalpataru Day (on that day lord Ramakrishna revealed himself as God’s incarnate on earth). So in this way we celebrated the New Year eve and ended the day on a good note. God bless us!

Second day, on 2nd January, we decided to go for a long drive to Lavasa Lake City. For the Mumbaikars and Punekars, this place is nothing new but people like me who are new to Maharashtra, Lavasa city is a great place to explore.

Monday 4 January 2016


We all know that, the more you have a healthy skin, the more you glow. This is so true and we should follow this in every aspect of our life. Just like cleansing, scrubbing is also important for our skin. But the trickiest part is to choose the right product, isn’t it?

So today’s pick is ‘Jovees Jojoba & Neem face scrub’, let’s see how it fared for me.

JOVEES JOJOBA & NEEM FACE SCRUB REVIEW for oily and sensitive skin