Tuesday 23 February 2016

Golden Hearts Bracelet From Everstylish [dot] com

Hello sugarplums,

How was the weekend, huh?  Well, I had a superb weekend, mainly spent by visiting my near and dear ones. Today, I shall be talking about my recent jewellery item purchased from a new website Everstylish which I have come across recently via Facebook.

Now, what the product is all about and how was the overall shopping experience, to know more keep reading.

Golden Hearts Bracelet From Everstylish [dot] com
Golden Hearts Bracelet

Friday 19 February 2016

Life Hack Series...

Life Hack 1 –

How do you react when you find a Chewing gum on the carpet? Fret not! Here is a simple tip...

# Do not pull the gum out till you harden it by chilling it with an ice cube. It then becomes possible to remove it wholly. Same method applies for chocolate and candle wax drips.

Hope you would find this hack useful. Thank you.

See you soon.

Thursday 11 February 2016

The Nature's Co Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream Review

February is the most romantic month of a year and I hope most of you are busy with Valentine’s Day shopping these days, am I right? Even I’m also excited to celebrate my first ever V- Day with my hubby, but wondering what to gift him beside roses (totally confused)!

Anyway, today, I have come up with another Nature’s Co product – Kiwi Hand and Nail Cream. This is a full sized product of my November beauty box 2015. To know more about this cream, read on.

The Nature's Co Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream Review
TNC Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream

Monday 8 February 2016

Beauty Tips / Hacks...

An interesting home remedy for stretch marks I have come across recently, I hope you would like it. Let me share that magic solution with all of you today.

Beauty Tip 5 - 

# To get rid of stretch marks, slather Vicks Vapor rub on the marks and wrap the part of the body with a plastic wrap. Leave overnight and exfoliate on the next day. You will see a visible difference within a few days.

NOTE: To read more interesting content on BEAUTY, TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE, do check out my new lifestyle blog "EverythingEnchanting ". 

See You soon.