Tuesday 17 October 2017

Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade- Review, Swatches and FOTD

Hello, sugarplums 😊

How have all of you been? Ah! I so enjoyed my long relaxing vacation in Malaysia, did nothing except eating, sleeping and roaming around the capital Kuala Lumpur😍. By the way, today’s post is especially dedicated to all the married women and would-be brides who love wearing Sindoor or would wear it soon! During festival or wedding season, we women love to get dolled-up as traditional as it gets, don’t we? But no traditional look is complete without adding the touch of sindoor for a married Hindu woman especially on certain festivals like Karwa Chauth or Navratri 😊

Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade Review, swatch and FOTD
Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade Review

I love wearing sindoor as this small red streak on my forehead somehow always enhances my beauty and makes my makeup look complete 😍  If you are also fond of sindoor and looking for trying out budget-friendly Sindoor to use on a regular basis then please keep scrolling downπŸ‘‡ I am going to review Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor (vermilion) in Red Shade today. So, why wait, let’s jump straight into the details😊

Product Description:

Lakme says- 

For the modern woman of today who simultaneously likes the touch of a tradition, this is Lakme Jewel Sindoor.

A liquid-based sindoor that allows precise application and comes in two classic shades –red & maroon. Giving that finesse with a sponge tip applicator, this symbolic tradition is now a non-messy affair.

Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor Review in Red Shade
Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade


Step 1- Open the cylindrical cap and remove the excess product on the edge.

Step 2- With a steady hand apply the sindoor on your forehead, at the beginning of your hairline.

Step 3- Let it dry.  


Category: Sindoor/ Vermilion
Type: Liquid formula
Shade: Red
Price & Quantity: INR 140 for 4.5 ml
Shelf Life: 30 months from PKD
Availability: Online and at the cosmetic stores across India

My Experience with Lakme Jewel Sindoor Red (Liquid):

Lakme is our very own Indian cosmetic brand and till date, I have tried a lot of makeup products from them. Some products satisfied me while a few not! Lakme has two variants of Liquid Sindoor – red and maroon. I love red shade so chose it over maroon and as mentioned, today’s review would be about this red sindoor.


Review, swatch and FOTD of Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade
Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade 

Oh! I love its gorgeous packaging😍 The red sindoor comes in a colour coded, plastic cylindrical bottle with a golden twist cap, resembling exactly lip gloss kind of packaging! To make the application easier, it comes with a doe-foot shaped sponge tip applicator. Ingredients are not mentioned on the packaging but the shade name and other details are printed on it. The packaging is both travel-friendly and user-friendly😊


Review and swatches of Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor in Red Shade
Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade, Swatch

Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor (Red) is a cool-toned pretty red colour sindoor with no glitters. I assumed it would contain golden shimmers having the name Jewel in it but no, it’s free of sparkles. Major plus!! It has no artificial fragrance and has quite a runny consistency with a smooth texture.


I do prefer applying liquid sindoor mainly at the centre, the starting point of my hair parting line and not along the entire length. The sponge applicator comes so handy to work with that you can easily create a simple line, triangle shape design or even a circular bindi (dot) on the middle of the forehead! 

The applicator of Lakme Jewel Sindoor in Red Shade
Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor Applicator

See, here in this traditional look, I have drawn a small bindi as well as a red line with this red sindoor on my forehead. I don’t have red bindi stickers along with me here hence I tried this easy trick and the look turned out so well πŸ˜‰

Swatches and FOTD of Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor in Red Shade/ Anamika Chattopadhyaya
Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor Red Shade in ACTION 😁

The thin, runny consistency of this liquid sindoor provides an effortless application 😊 After you apply it on the skin wait for few seconds and let it dry. Once it dries, it settles into a matte finish which does not budge for a good period of time. It is water resistant but not completely waterproof and can be easily removed by any makeup remover or simple Vaseline.

Let me confess, I use herbal powder sindoor (which I have reviewed here) for daily use or when I am outdoor for many hours; liquid sindoor is reserved for special occasions only! Since I do not know if it contains any toxic chemicals, I use it occasionally😐 Moreover, when liquid sindoor gets in touch with my hair on the front side, it gets messy and sticky hence I cannot comment how it would react when applied to the entire hair parting lineπŸ˜’ However, this particular sindoor has not yet caused me any skin irritation or allergy so I am totally happy with this product 😊

Plus Points:       

  • Stunning red shade
  • Quick dry and matte formula
  • Non-messy
  • Non dripping
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to carry, travel-friendly packaging
  • Good staying power
  • Easily gets removed from the skin
  • Non-irritating
  • Affordable
  • Lasts long
  • Perfect sponge applicator
  • Easily available

Minus Points:  

  • The ingredients list is missing!
  • No glitters, at least not visible through my naked eyes! If you are interested in sparkling sindoor, it’s not the one.

NBAM Rating: 4.8/5


In a nutshell, I love this Lakme Jewel Liquid Sindoor for its non-messy and easy to apply features besides its gorgeous red shade! However, I would appreciate if Lakme discloses its ingredients list on the packaging itself or at least on their official website. I may not be repurchasing this product as I am willing to try other brands as well!

Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade, review, swatch & FOTD
Lakme Jewel (Liquid) Sindoor in Red Shade

If you are not obsessed with natural or herbal cosmetic stuff then this product is for you my friend. This is budget-friendly and extremely easy to use while on the go! Try this sindoor and flaunt your style with traditional vibes πŸ’—

Hope you find this review helpful.

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    1. Try this and do let me know how did you find it :) Thank you sweety <3

  2. That red dot is my pride and proud moment as well. This is good. Not drippy, hopefully won't drip when I sweat profusely in our blistering sun which we are currently struggling with.

    1. Thank you Nava Ji :) It's matte and doesn't smudge easily, so you can try this!

  3. Sounds good, the pigmentation is great! You look so cute <3

    1. Thanks a bunch, dearie <3 Yes, it's highly pigmented!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous! love the review

  5. It looks so pretty on you! It sounds like a winner to me! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa <3 I know it's a weird request but would love to see you doing our Indian bridal makeup look someday! I bet, you'll look super pretty :)

  6. Though I am not married yet ...πŸ˜†πŸ˜†..but such a beautiful review...loving it already...😍😍😍

    1. He he, yes Soma, the shade truly beautiful :) Thanks a bunch <3

    2. I am not married but I like painting the bindi on my forehead rather than use the plastic bindis. We used to only have liquid bindis when I was a child.

  7. I love red so much, this is perfect!!!


  8. The red color is so bright and perfect red. I will buy this.

    1. Sure, Anamika :) It'll look gorgeous on you <3 Thanks sweety:)

  9. The shade is perfect red..I like lotus love drop and have been using it for long because I couldn't find any other bright red sindoor..This sounds perfect alternative :)

    1. I haven't tried Lotus Sindoor, will buy it next :) Thanks for recommending it sweety <3 Thank you!