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NATRAPARI Essential Oil Body Wash Review: Lavender-Verbena & Honey-Chinese Rose

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How have you all been? Today, I have come up with the review of Natrapari Essential Oil shower gels. The brand name is quite quirky, isn’t it? Till date, I am not sure which thing actually had caught my attention first, brand name or product packaging (I have a thing for dark green colour)!! I picked up two body wash variants from Natrapari Essential Oil range back to back last year; used and finished them as well. So today, I am going to talk about Natrapari Lavender-Verbena body wash and Honey-Chinese Rose body wash in this post. To know more about both these shower gels, please keep reading!

NATRAPARI Essential Oil Lavender-Verbena &  Honey-Chinese Rose  Body Wash Review

Product Description:

Natraparis body wash contains 18 natural plant extracts, gentle on skin and leaves skin supple & smooth. The irresistible essential oil scent leaves you calm and relaxing after every shower. (Source:

Brand Origin: South Korea


Natrapari Lavender and Verbena Body Wash Ingredients
Natrapari Lavender and Verbena Body Wash Ingredients

Natrapari Honey and Chinese Rose Body Wash Ingredients
Natrapari Honey and Chinese Rose Body Wash Ingredients



Category: Body wash or Shower gel
Type of skin: All skin types
Fragrance: Lavender-Verbena AND Honey - Chinese Rose
Price & Quantity: 47.9 HKD for 650ml (Price may vary)
Shelf Life – 3 years
Usage Direction: Pour onto moistened sponge, washcloth or hands. Work into a rich, creamy lather and rinse.


How to use Natrapari Lavender-Verbena & Honey - Chinese Rose Body wash / shower gel

My Experience with Essential Oil Natrapari Body Wash: Lavender-Verbena & Honey-Chinese Rose:-

I love scented products especially bath and body care products and my heart gets over excited when that product comes with effective ingredients and in a beautiful packaging. However, there is no information given regarding this particular brand on the internet!! When I Googled Natrapari, the pages show various online portals selling Natrapari products, except Redmart, where I could find a little information about the brand. From there, I got to know, Natrapari is a Korean brand and I had been using Korean body care products. Great!!



Anyway, both the body washes come in tall, deep green coloured, opaque, 650ml plastic bottles with a black pump dispenser. They look almost same at a first glance but when observed carefully one can find their front logo design is different! Chinese Rose shower gel has roses whereas Verbena one has citrusy fruits design. The pump dispenses the product smoothly but the packaging is not travel-friendly at all. Maximum product details are given on the packaging itself.

Packaging of NATRAPARI Lavender-Verbena & Honey-Chinese Rose Body Wash/ Shower Gels


Coming to the texture and colour, both Lavender-Verbena and Honey-Chinese Rose have similar gel type texture with a semi-thin consistency and are pale green (almost transparent) in colour. Lavender-Verbena body wash has a strong, refreshing citrusy scent whereas Honey-Chinese Rose body wash has a mild, floral fragrance to it.

Texture of Natrapari Lavender-Verbena & Honey-Chinese Rose Body Wash


As you people know, my body skin is dry, I always look for moisturizing body wash. When I spotted these products, I noticed, they contain essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients. True to their claims, they are moisturizing in nature. I required using a small amount of these body washes to clean my skin. Both the products when mixed with water create a rich lather and get easily washed off the skin as well without leaving any residue! So if you are a foam-addict person, you’ll love them for sure. Both are effective at cleansing without stripping the skin of its natural oil. Post usage, I didn’t need to run for moisturizer immediately. My skin would feel fresh and squeaky clean after each use 😊. However, with the Lavender-verbena body wash, I had to apply body oil to my skin afterwards during winters. For my oily skinned Husband, both were equally amazing. We finished both the products within a span of 6 months (each took 3 months approx), so yes, quite reasonable as well!

Plus Points:

  • Amazing cleansers
  • Contain essential oils
  • Good for all skin types
  • Moisturising
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • No breakouts
  • Non-irritating formula
  • Would last long
  • Easy to wash off
  • Do not leave behind any sort of slippery feeling to the skin
  • Pocket-friendly

Minus Points:

  • Contain chemicals
  • The scent doesn't last long!
  • Non-travel friendly packaging


NBAM Rating:

Lavender-Verbena – 4.5/5
Honey-Chinese Rose – 4.6/5


In short, Natrapari Essential Oil Lavender-Verbena Body Wash and Honey-Chinese Rose Body Wash, both are pretty moisturizing shower gels.  Although they are not completely natural, these didn’t irritate my skin 😊. I would recommend these body-washes to those who have normal to dry skin and love using scented shower gels.

Natrapari Honey-Chinese Rose Body wash Review
Natrapari Honey- Chinese Rose Body Wash

Hope you found the review helpful.

See you soon.

Have You Ever Tried Natrapari Essential Oil Lavender- Verbena & Honey-Chinese Rose Body Washes? If Yes, Please Let Me know In The Comment Section Below.


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