Saturday 21 May 2016

RevAyur Foot Scrub Review

The Foot Scrub plays a crucial role in eliminating the dead skin cells from the soles and keeping the feet soft. Today, I am going to share my experience with RevAyur Foot Scrub. This is my first ever foot scrub and I have been using this product for the longest time. So, now I am ready to share my thoughts on this over here. Keep scrolling to know more!

RevAyur Foot Scrub Review
RevAyur Foot Scrub

About the Brand:

Established in 2003, Revyur is the brainchild of Nagpur’s Sharmila Vali. It offers a range of almost- natural products with minimum mineral content, which can be used for head-to-toe grooming. The brand entered in Indian market in 2008.

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Product Description:

RevAyur Foot Scrub is a Unijules product. It removes the dead skin cells leaving feet soft & smooth.

Category: Foot Scrub
Target skin type: Rough and dry
Price: Rs 110 for 75g
          ·         Natural pumice gently exfoliates and sloughs away rough spots & flakiness from sole.
          ·         Leaves your feet clean, refreshed, smooth & soft
          ·         Lavender invigorates tired feet and relaxes.
          ·         Gentle enough for daily use
How to use: Gently massage to your feet. Keep for some time and then rinse off.
Shelf Life: 24 Months from the month of manufacture.


RevAyur Foot Scrub Review


RevAyur Foot Scrub Review
RevAyur Foot Scrub

The foot scrub comes in a lavender or light purple coloured tube with a flip top cap. The tube is transparent so you can easily see how much product is left behind. The cap is tight and firm so it’s easy to carry along anywhere. The overall packaging of this scrub is beautiful with a feminine touch. All the details related to the scrub are furnished at the back of the tube.


RevAyur Foot Scrub texture

The scrub has pumice granules and lavender in it. It is yellowish in colour and creamy in texture. The granules are not abrasive in nature. Despite being of thick consistency it smoothly spreads onto the feet.On application, it releases a faint scent of lavender but vanishes after some time.

My experience:

For the last two years, I have been using this product,it’s my second tube. Usually, I apply homemade scrubs; however I’ve kept this product for those lazy days. I was looking out online for some skincare items when I stumbled on this foot scrub. The main reason behind purchasing this scrub was the design, it's ultra feminine!

The key ingredients in it are pumice granules and lavender. Pumice granules give a good scrubbing effect and help in eliminating rough spots &flakiness from the soles while lavender acts as an anti-bacterial, invigorates tired feet, soothes and relaxes senses. Apart from these, it also contains camphor, lemon juice and not to forget parabens as preservatives!

Generally, I do research before buying any item online but I bought this without any second thought. And surprisingly, it amused me! Every time, I exfoliate my feet with this scrub; it leaves the feet clean and soft.

My overall experience is good with this scrub. Usually, I soak my feet first into the warm water before exfoliation process, and then I apply a coin-sized amount of this scrub to the feet, followed by a gentle massage. After a few minutes, I wash it off with plain water. Without putting too much effort, it sloughs away the dead skin cells and relaxes my tired feet which I find really amazing. Post usage, my feet feel much softer and smoother.Though,sometimes it doesn’t act that great on my extremely dry chapped heels. Post wash, I need to apply my homemade moisturizing foot care lotion (this DIY recipe I’ll share soon) to keep the feet more nourished and as usual wear cotton socks before hitting the bed.

RevAyur Foot Scrub Review
RevAyur Foot Scrub

Plus Points: 

  1. Soft granules
  2. Mild scrub so can be used daily.
  3. Effortlessly removes flakes and roughness from the soles
  4. Leaves feet soft and smooth
  5. Doesn’t dry out the feet
  6. Reasonable
  7. Available online (Flipkart, Amazon and revyur site)
  8. Travel friendly

Minus Points:        

  1. Contains Parabens 
  2. Sometimes doesn’t work for dry chapped heels
  3. For dry skin beauties, it must be followed by a good foot cream/ lotion.

Rating:  4/5


Though RevAyur claims to be ayurvedic and all natural, it has chemicals as preservatives. Being completely an organic product user, you might hesitate to use this foot scrub. However, one thing I like about this foot scrub is, it’s decently priced while still being of high quality. 

So ladies, if you are looking for a reasonably priced good quality foot scrub for daily use, then you can surely give this a try.

See you soon 💗

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  1. I will definitely give this a try, need to take care of my feet...pumice granules is great in the scrub.... Nicely reviewed babe :)

    1. Thanks honey <3 Try this, am sure you will love it :)

  2. This foot scrub does what it claims since pumice stone is a natural scrub, it's a must try! :)

  3. I think my feet so desperately need foot scrub. It is quite affordable.

    1. Yes it is very reasonable Alisha, you can try this :) Thanks dear.

  4. Great review, Anamika. I've just ordered a foot scrub from Vaadi herbals. Once I finish using that, will go for this. It has been long time since I had a pedicure!!