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Destination: Macau || Best things to do and see in Macao || Day 3

This post is in continuation to my previous Macau travelogue (day 1 & 2)…

My trip to Macau,day 3 on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog,featuring The Venetian,travel tips,best places to visit in Macao
Travelogue: Destination Macau, Day 3

To celebrate our last day in Macau, Mr Husband and I considered starting with ‘Historic Centre of Macao’ Trail that covers maximum UNESCO listed World’s Heritage Sites on Macau Peninsula. But as it was early morning, we chose to stop over this beautiful classic garden to rejuvenate ourselves.

Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc Garden or Lou Lim Ieoc Garden in Macau, a Chinese theme park and a tourist spot of Macao
Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc Garden/ Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc Garden/ Lou Lim Ieoc Garden:

Inspired by famous Suzhou Style Gardens, it was built in 1906 by a local merchant Lou Kau as part of his residence. Suzhou is a Chinese city which is renowned for its classical gardens with wonderful landscaping and that is why the Lou Lim Ieoc garden is considered as the most Chinese garden in Macau. Later, in 1974, Macao Government opened this park to the public and it is now ranked as one of the top eight tourist attractions in Macau. Whoa!

With Kun Iam statue at Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc park(Lou Lim Ieoc Chinese Garden)in Macau,nice tourist spot
Kun Iam Statue at  Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Macau

Beautiful pond, pavilion, bridge at Lou Lim Ieoc Chinese Garden in Macao, best theme park for children in Macau
Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

grottoes or rock formation at Macau Lou Lim Ieoc Chinese Garden (Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc )featured on NBAM Blog
Rock formation at Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc Garden

From the outside view, the garden appears as simple as other parks but it is the warmth and nature’s freshness inside the garden which left me astounded! The meandering paths lined up with numerous trees, pavilions to sit and relax, a pond filled with turtles and fishes, a nine-turn zig zag bridge, grottoes, everything seems so beautiful. It was morning, so a lot of youngsters and fitness experts were practising Tai Chi and other exercises while some were relaxing and chit chatting with their partners.

Fusion of Chinese and Western architecture Pavilions at Jardim De Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Macau, women doing Tai Chi behind me
Some were taking rest while some were doing Tai Chi!

Fish and turtles floating in pond at Jardim De Lou Lim Ieoc Garden of Macao, a beautiful natural park
See the Turtles and Fishes!

The garden wasn’t crowded when we entered in; therefore, it got easier for us to explore the nook and corner of that park. Because of the Chinese New Year, the whole garden was adorned with seasonal flowers and decorative pieces. We made our way to the Exhibition hall, which displayed Chinese cultural exhibits.

Standing at the Museum entrance in Lou Lim Ieoc Garden of Macao, a beautiful Chinese theme park of Macao, tourist place
 Museum entrance at Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc Garden

With Chinese exhibits at the museum inside Lou Lim Ieoc Garden of Macao, featuring blogger Anamika Chattopadhyaya
Exhibits at Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

We couldn’t make it to the nearby attractions like Kun Iam Temple and Lin Fung Temple this time. If you are a nature buff or need a peaceful place to do meditation then pay a visit here either early morning or in the evening time😊.

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Entrance decorated with balloons on Chinese New Year in Macau, one of the best natural theme park
Entrance of Jardim De Lou Lim Ioc Garden

After spending approx. 20minutes in the park, we headed for our next destination - St. Augustine’s Square. 

Largo Do St.Augustinho or St. Augustine's Square of Macau,China name display board featuring flower pots & church
Largo de Santo Agostinho/ St. Augustine's Square, Macau

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St. Augustine’s Square and the Church:

Largo de Santo Agostinho or St. Augustine's Square is a beautiful Portuguese-style serene, less-crowded place containing benches to sit and enjoy the view. 

Sitting on the shaded bench at Largo de Santo Agostinho/ St. Augustine's Square, Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog
Sitting area at Largo de Santo Agostinho/ St. Augustine's Square, Macau

It houses a plenty of World Heritage Sites, such as St. Augustine's Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, St. Joseph Seminary and Church and St. Lawrence's Church. Best part, all the UNESCO listed attractions are in close proximity to each other, easy to explore😍

Historic Centre Of Macao signboard displaying UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites at  St. Augustine's Square, Macau
Historic Centre Of Macao, Signboard

St. Augustine’s Church, named after the square itself is claimed to be the first church for English mass and is listed amongst the top World Heritage Sites in Macau. This neo-classical church dates back to 19th century and looks akin to the rest colonial churches in Macau.

St.Augustine's Church,a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site,Historic Centre Of Macao at  St. Augustine's Square, Macau
St. Augustine's Church at St. Augustine's Square

St.Augustine's Church wall, a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site and part of Historic Centre Of Macao,colonial church
St. Augustine's Church at St. Augustine's Square

We didn’t go in hence have no idea about its interior look but were amused by the charismatic vibe the facade exudes! 

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library at St.Augustine's Square, Macau's UNESCO Heritage Site & part of Historic Centre Of Macao
Sir Robert Ho Tung Library at  St. Augustine's Square

Entrance gate of Sir Robert Ho Tung Library located at Macau St.Augustine's Square, a Historical Heritage building
Entrance of Sir Robert Ho Tung Library 

Located next to it is a garden-style public library - Sir Robert Ho Tung Library. The library housed in a colonial mansion that includes architectural, historical and cultural exhibits thus is one of the designated sites of Historic Centre of Macau enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Definitely, a place worth to visit😊

A close view of Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Historic Centre of Macao enlisted building at St.Augustine's Square
Sir Robert Ho Tung Library at  St. Augustine's Square, Macau

Adjacent to this library and right behind the Dom Pedro V Theatre, Seminary of St. Joseph is located.

St. Joseph Seminary besides Sir Robert Ho Tung Library at Largo de Santo Agostinho Square,UNESCO World Heritage Site,
Seminario De S.Jose, Macau

Dom Pedro V Theatre:                                                                                      

Built in 1860, Dom Pedro V Theatre claims to be one of the first Western-style theatres in East Asia. This neoclassical style pastel green shaded building was actually designed by Pedro Marques in 1858 and served as an important venue for social and cultural functions like drama, opera, and live-concerts amongst the Macanese community.

Dom Pedro V Theatre, a UNESCO listed heritage building with Portuguese architecture, western culture,Macau
Dom Pedro V Theatre at St. Augustine's Square

This theatre is still active but unfortunately, we couldn’t witness any live shows! When we arrived, the building was filled with just a handful of visitors; all were busy taking pictures and discussing the history of this place.


The circular auditorium inside Dom Pedro V Theatre, World heritage site and a part of Historic Centre of Macao, cultural venue
Circular Auditorium inside Dom Pedro V Theatre 

auditorium with chairs inside Dom Pedro V Theatre, the oldest theatre of Macau and a part of Historic Centre of Macao
The stage, curtains and the chairs- Dom Pedro V Theatre

The silent atmosphere inside this Portuguese theatre will make you go nostalgic if you’ve been an art lover. The building contains a circular auditorium with a seating capacity of 300, a stage to perform and long corridors on both sides. From the exterior appearance of the building to the interior décor, everything is heavily influenced by European style. 

European style interiors of Dom Pedro V Theatre, part of Historic Centre of Macao and a UNESCO world heritage site
The interiors!! Dom Pedro V Theatre

I believe, watching dramas and live performances here at this cultural landmark would be a great addition to a fruitful Macau Vacay. Nevertheless, our 15minutes theatre tour was worth-spending!

Staircase leading to upper floor of the century old theatre in Macau, Dom Pedro V Theatre, famous historical tourist place
Dom Pedro V Theatre, Macau

St. Lawrence Church:                                                                        

Named after Lawrence of Rome, this history enriched church is situated in the Historic Centre of Macao trail, a short walk down from the St. Augustine Square. The Baroque style neo classical church was originally built in mid 16th century but its present structure got completed in 1846. It is one of the oldest churches in Macau and has a distinctive two symmetrical bell towers; one features the clock and the other has a bell.

St. Lawrence Church building on the Historic Centre of Macao Trail, oldest church of Macau peninsula, China
St. Lawrence Church, Macau

Exterior of St. Lawrence Church, forms Historic Centre of Macao featuring two symmetrical bell towers, tree and the entrance
St. Lawrence Church

The church was open when we arrived there, so opted to go inside and pray to Lord. It stands on the top of a small hillock overlooking the sea and to get to this building there is a flight of stairs. According to history, earlier families of Portuguese sailors would gather on the front stairs of the church to pray and wait for their safe return hence was also named as Feng Shun Tang (Hall of the soothing winds). 

Interior shot of St. Lawrence Church, Hall of the soothing winds, A World Heritage Site, praying to Jesus, wooden carving
Inside St. Lawrence Church...

There is a mini garden on the church grounds filled with various plants and decorative pieces. I truly loved the interior design of this Church; the chandeliers, glass paintings, subtle coloured walls and woodwork make it look spectacular!

Garden at St. Lawrence Church, Feng Shun Tang, featuring flowers, trees, neo classical church of Macau, Western cultural symbol
St. Lawrence Church Garden

Paroquia de S. Lourenco, wall of St. Lawrence's Church, Macau
St. Lawrence Church wall, Macau

There is no doubt why this church is acclaimed as one of the must-see attractions in Macau, totally unmissable!

Features St. Anthony's Catholic Church, located near Lou Lim Ioc garden, Macau
St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Macau

On our way, we chanced upon 
St. Anthony’s Catholic ChurchVasco Da Gama Square and got a distant view of Guia Fortress too.

A shot of Guia Fortress in my Destination Macau Day 3 blogpost, UNESCO enlisted heritage site and historical place
A distant view of Guia Fortress, Macau

Vasco Da Gama Square, historical place and tourist spot surrounded by old portuguese style houses, old central Macau
Vasco Da Gama Square ( Notice the old charming backdrop buildings)

Senado Square:                                                                    

Senado Square or Largo Do Senado is a long triangular-shaped public square that houses notable historical buildings and forms a part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites List eventually. These buildings are – The White Holy House of Mercy, St. Dominic’s Church and Leal Senado.

Took photo at Largo Do Senado or Senado Square, a history rich tourist attraction  displays Chinese New Year decoration
Senado Square, Macau

When we arrived at this square, it was crowded with tourists and visitors alike. Here the streets are adorned with black and white wavy patterned mosaics and the whole area was decorated with Chinese style colourful balloons, lanterns and other showpieces to make it look more beautiful during New Year. The place was so busy that we couldn’t take even some decent photos of us! No one was bothered to give you that space for photography yet we managed to click a few pictures of this beautiful square and the church.

At Largo Do Senado or Senado Square, famous heritage attraction with Chinese New Year decoration & crowds
Chinese New Year Decoration at Senado Square

Standing near western influenced houses at Senado Square, touristy place displaying flowers, green doors, shops and lane
                      Somewhere at Senado Square...                           

This historical square is actually a shopping paradise lined with a good number of food joints & tourist shops to explore. The neo-colonial buildings look almost similar to the rest of the old historic buildings of Macau but the vibrancy of this place exudes a unique charm that lures you to visit here again and again😊

Behind this Leal Senado Building or Municipality building at Senado Square. My Macau travelogue
Funny & Cute Decoration at Senado Square

As I mentioned that Senado Square has a triangle-shaped structure, so at the apex of it is located the St. Dominic’s Church. This pastel yellow church is one of the oldest churches in Macau and is the most visited place on this peninsula. The other landmarks like Central Post Office, Leal Senado and The White Holy House of Mercy are all situated close to each other.

Full photo of St. Dominic's Church located at Senado Square, Macau. Heritage church  make for Historical Centre Of Macao
St. Dominic's Church, Senado Square

Countless narrow alleyways tend to confuse you or say sometimes deviate you from the main destination. But as we know, sometimes it’s worth to get lost while wandering; we might end up discovering some hidden retreat! We found we lost, we got frustrated but at the end, we would reach our desired destination.

St. Cathedral Square fronts St. Cathedral Church near Senado Square, Macau.
St. Cathedral Square, Macau

Church Of The Nativity of Our Lady at St. Cathedral Square, St. Cathedral Church at Senado Square featured in my Destination: Macau, Day 3 blogpost
Church of the Nativity Of Our Lady

A few steps away from St. Dominic’s Church, we found a narrow lane that directly led us to a square known as St. Cathedral Square which fronts Church of the Nativity of Our Lady. The history of this church dates back to early 17th century but it got completely rebuilt in 1937. Surprisingly, the subtle off-white building designed with a combination of green doors and stained glasses differs slightly in its appearance with the other churches in Macau. Definitely, an eye-pleasing one😊

The history fuelled Church Of The Nativity of Our Lady or St. Cathedral Church located at St. Cathedral Square
Church of the Nativity Of Our Lady at St. Cathedral Square

Lou Kau Mansion (Casa De Lou Kau):

A UNESCO World Heritage Site styled in Chinese Architecture is Lou Kau Mansion, Casa De Lou Kau. A must visit Macao tourist place
Lou Kau Mansion, Macau

The same lane houses Lou Kau Mansion (Casa de Lou Kau) that sometimes gets unnoticed if not vanished. Lou Kau Mansion is a part of Historic Center of Macau enlisted on UNESCO’S World Heritage Site and was built in 1889. This blue bricked building is the former residence of the renowned Chinese Merchant and features western as well as Chinese influenced exhibits. In 2005, the mansion was opened to the public and since then it has been serving as an important historic landmark on the Macau Promontory.

Entrance of Lou Kau Mansion near Cathedral Square, Macau. Showing visitors and the gate
Entrance of Lou Kau Mansion

Entry of visitors inside Lou Kau Mansion near Cathedral Square, Macau
Lou Kau Mansion, Macau

Upon entering the mansion we found a hall wherein a lovely concert was going on by Macau Chinese Orchestra members. The entrance towards the top floor was closed on that day, so we peeped inside the other rooms where western style furniture and decoration materials are kept on display. 

Music programme and a concert inside the hall of Lou Kau Mansion. Near Senado & Cathedral Square, Macau Peninsula
Music Concert inside Lou Kau Mansion, Macau
A heritage centre of Macao is Lou Kau Mansion or Casa De Lou Kau exhibits fusion of Western & Chinese architecture
Lou Kau Mansion, Macau

A heritage centre of Macao is Lou Kau Mansion showing  exhibits fusion of Western & Chinese architecture. Historical Centre of Macau
Inside Lou Kau Mansion

I have to admit that the imposing aesthetic Chinese architecture of this mansion attracted me more than its other counterparts; a remarkable historic place that cannot be missed!

Imposing aesthetic architecture of heritage spot Lou Kau Mansion, Macau
Lou Kau Mansion, Macau

Ruins of St. Paul’s:                                                                                

Following the trail, as we slowly progressed en route the North direction past Lou Kau Mansion, a huge magnificent façade delighted us with its majestic aura, renowned as Ruins of St. Paul’s. As we approached towards it, a long series of stairs welcomed us to admire its beauty. What a sight 😍 

Series of steps in front of Ruins of St. Paul's facade. UNESCO world heritage site and a part of Historic Centre of Macao
Ruins of St. Paul's, Macau

An impressive feat of architecture is Ruins of St. Paul's. UNESCO world heritage site and a part of Historic Centre of Macao
An impressive feat of architecture-  Ruins of St. Paul's

These stairs and the centuries-old facade are the remnants of the historic Cathedral of St. Paul and St. Paul’s College which got engulfed by fire a few times! In spite of facing such massive destruction, the facade still stands tall with aplomb glorifying Macao’s rich culture and heritage😊

Open Church Area behind  Ruins of St. Paul's facade making it a perfect place for photography
The Church Area, Ruins of St. Paul's

A series of photographs about rich history of Ruins of St. Paul's which is a heritage site
Photographs related to history of St. Paul's

The church area behind the stone façade is now an open space where tourists can take photos of the colourful flowers, sculptures and read about its history written on the stone carvings. The intrinsic detailing of the façade portrays the charismatic fusion of Chinese & Portuguese culture. One needs to carefully observe these details otherwise there is a chance to miss out on something! After doing some photo-shoots there, we headed for Monte Fort & Museum that sit adjacent to this church.

Background view of Ruins of St. Paul's facade taken from 3D Animation and Celebrity wax Museum, Macau
A Shot of Church Facade Captured From Celebrity Wax Museum Rooftop

Monte Fort (Fortaleza Do Monte) & Macau Museum:   

Signboard directing towards Museum of Macau and Monte Fort.
Direction Board!

Monte Fort, Macau’s historic military centre, standing atop a hill was constructed around the 17th century to protect the then Portuguese properties from pirates. According to history, this fort was a part of the same complex that includes St. Paul’s Church and College. Later in 1990, the ill-fated fort was restored and opened as a public park. It forms a part of ‘Historic Centre of Macau’ and is a ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ as well.

Bronze statue of Matteo Ricci at the garden of Monte Fort, Fortaleza Do Monte,Macau.
The installation of this bronze statue is a tribute to  Matteo Ricci, 
an Italian Jesuit and a prominent ambassador of Sino-Western 
Culture  by Macau Government

Standing at the garden of Monte Fort (Fortaleza Do Monte)Macau. Greenery and a great view from this place one can see.
The Garden at Monte Fortress

To access the top of the fortress, either you can take the escalator or you have to climb up the hill. We didn’t know about the easy escalator option and that hike was definitely a strenuous one which I will not recommend anyone at all. But once you are at the top, you will be greeted with a breathtaking cityscape view across Macau from the fort edges😊

A beautiful cityscape view of Macau region and the casino from the top of Monte Fortress. A heritage site of Macau, China
The View from the top of Monte Fortress

Saint Mary Statue inside a chapel at Monte Fort, Macau. Part of Historical Centre Of Macau
Saint Mary Statue, Monte Fortress

On the first level of the fortress, you will come across Saint Mary statue and a beautiful garden filled with plants and sitting benches. The main attraction of this fort has to be the cannons fitted along the walls making this historic place a perfect spot for photography, watching the sunset or catching a bird view of the glamorous casinos of Macau region.

A number of Cannons fitted along the walls of Monte Fort, Macau
Cannons fortifying the fort!

Cannons fortifying the historical Monte Fort, a world heritage site
My man with this cannon!! BOOM

Museum of Macau or Macau Museum located at Monte Fort or Fortaleza Do Monte.
The Museum Of Macau Building, Monte Fort

In the same vicinity, the Museum of Macau is located. As per history, earlier there was a weather station which got replaced by this museum around 1998 by the Macau Government. You can easily access this museum from the fort top via the escalator, no sweat, no hiking😉

The entrance of Macau Museum located in the same vicinity of Monte Fort. Visitors lined up ina queue
Macau Museum Entrance Gate

Macau's first printing press installed at Macau Museum. Various historical exhibits related to Macau
Macau's First Printing Press

Depicting old colonial house interiors at Macau Museum.
Gallery displaying  furniture of Colonial house

This museum was built with an intention to preserve the history & development of Macau. The museum is a three-storey building containing almost 15 galleries that depict Macau’s history, different community traditions as well as the present development.

Gallery portraying exhibits related to history and development of Macau at Macau Museum
Macau Museum

Historical artifacts displayed in Macau Museum. A renowned World Heritage Site and a part of Historic Centre of Macau
Chinese screen (17th-18th century) made of gilded lacquer painted with 
a scene of Portuguese hunters against a background
of exotic trees and celestial mountains

Mock streetview with house replicas installed at Macau Museum.
House replicas, Macau Museum

Keep an hour at your hands especially for this museum viewing as it’s definitely worth checking out! I found those colourful tiny house replicas as well as the traditional outfits worn by the models extremely fascinating.

Museum of Macau or Macau Museum displaying ancient Chinese, Macanese, Colonial and Portuguese style architecture and artifacts
Macau Museum

Post museum-visit, we settled for our lunch break at a roadside food joint. While moving towards our next destination, we came across a 3D Animation and Celebrity Wax Museum Centre

With wax statue of Johnny Depp , Jack Sparrow (Caribbean of Pirate film actor) at 3D Animation and Celebrity Wax Museum, Macau
With the Pirate!! At 3D Animation & Celebrity Wax Museum

A funny 3D shot of my hubby with lion inside  3D Animation and Celebrity Wax Museum, Macau
Noooo!!! At 3D Animation & Celebrity Wax Museum

A shot of myself with animated characters inside 3D Animation and Celebrity Wax Museum,Macau
Peekaboo!! At 3D Animation & Celebrity Wax Museum, Macau

Must say, we had a great fun time there by taking several pictures with the celebrity wax statues and with backgrounds in 3D styles. If you have some leisure time, do pay this small museum a visit; you’ll love it. 

Following back the walking trail, we headed onward Lilau Square where Mandarin House and other heritage buildings are located.

Moorish Barracks, a neoclassical mughal style architecture built to accomodate Indian Regiment from Goa in Macau
Moorish Barracks, Macau

Macau's Moorish Barracks now serves as the Head Quarter of Marine and Water Bureau
Moorish Barracks wall...

On our way, we stopped over Moorish Barracks- a Mughal style, neoclassical architecture designed by an Italian architect and was built in August 1874 to accommodate Indian regiment from Goa. 

Moorish Barracks,the Head Quarter of Marine and Water Bureau, Macau
Moorish Barracks

At present, this serves as the Head Quarter of Marine and Water Bureau.

Largo do Lilau or Lilau square surrounded by old colonial houses and a fountain
Largo Do Lilau/ Lilau Square, Macau

Moving forward, we reached Lilau Square (Largo do Lilau) - a nice shaded square surrounded by very old Banyan trees and a mix of Chinese and Portuguese architectural buildings. During the colonial period, this square was built around the natural spring (Lilau in Portuguese) to provide fresh water to the locals hence the name Lilau Square. 

Lilau square, a shaded square or park features fountain, greenery, trees and a great view of Macau
Largo Do Lilau/ Lilau Square, Macau

Now, the square features a fountain, big trees, benches under the tree to take rest and a tea stall. I would suggest, take a break at this peaceful place before continuing for other sightseeing activities. 

The natural spring or old fountain installed at Lilau Square
The Fountain At The Corner, Lilau Square

Largo do Lilau or Lilau square surrounded by ancient colonial styled buildings
The Typical Portuguese Style Buildings around Lilau Square

We searched for Chapel of Our Lady of Penha, but couldn’t locate it. Therefore, we went for the Mandarin’s House, another heritage building situated across the Lilau Square.

Signboard of Casa Do Mandarim or Mandarin's House located at Lilau square, Macau
The Mandarin's House, Macau

The Mandarin’s House:                                                                                                          

This building was the residence of the late Zheng Guanying, a reformist & theoretician and was built in 1869 by his father late Zheng Wenrui. The renowned author Zheng Guanying completed his masterpiece of Shengshi Weiyan (Words of Warning in Times of Prosperity) in this house which later became a part of Historic Center of Macau.

The circle gate of  Mandarin's House, a heritage centre of Macau
Entrance of  The Mandarin's House, Macau

The typical chinese style house of Mandarin's, at Lilau Sqaure, Macau
Courtyard Style Mansion, The Mandarin's House, Macau

Exhibits at Mandarin's House, Macau
The Mandarin's House, Macau

In my opinion, this house is an absolute example of aesthetic, traditional Chinese residential complex in Macau. At the entrance, we encountered a circle designed gate and upon entering the complex, a huge courtyard-style mansion greeted us. While the French window and cobblestone ground marks the influence of Western style, the authenticity lies in its Chinese architectural elements that are beautifully maintained by the Govt.

Artifacts viewing by tourists at Casa Do Mandarim or Mandarin's House. UNESCO world heritage site and forms a part of Historic Centre Of Macao
The Mandarin's House, Macau

Way towards upper floor at Mandarin's House, Macau
The Mandarin's House, Macau

In 2001, Macau Government overtook this historic property, reconstructed the damaged building and finally opened it to the public in 2010.

Casa Do Mandarim or Mandarin's House interiors, Chinese New Year Decoration, Historical exhibits
The Mandarin's House, Macau
A number of doors welcoming us to have a look around Mandarin's House
The Mandarin's House, Macau

After spending a good time at this mansion, we moved towards Barra Square where it is believed that Portuguese explorers first landed. The square fronts the famous Heritage sites- A-MA temple & Macau Maritime Museum. 

Barra square featuring AMA Temple and Maritime Museum of Macau
Barra Square, Macau

A-MA Temple:

A-MA Temple was built in 1488 and is one of the oldest temples in Macau peninsula that attracts visitors and worshippers worldwide. This is a temple to the Chinese Sea-goddess Ma Zu consisting of a variety of pavilions all in one complex like Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence (the oldest part of the temple), the Hall of Guanyin, and Zhengjiao Chanlin - Buddhist Pavilion.

AMA Temple entrance at Barra square, Macau
Entrance of A-MA Temple

UNESCO Heritage Site AMA Temple located at Barra square, Macau
A-MA Temple at  Barra Square

Maximum halls are atop the hill and there is a winding path to go up the cliff. The best part of this place is the tranquil atmosphere filled with the divine smell of burning incense sticks.

Devotees burning incense sticks at AMA Temple, Barra square
The burning incense sticks at A-MA Temple

Prayer halls at AMA Temple, Barra square
A-MA Temple, Barra Square, Macau

We prayed to the Lord and then headed for Maritime Museum that sits opposite to this temple.

Museu Maritimo or Macau Maritime Museum at Barra square

Macau Maritime Museum:

To learn about Macau Maritime History and Culture, you have to pay a visit to this oldest museum. This three-storey building was originally built in 1987 and focuses primarily on everything related to the sea and the history of maritime industry of Macau, China and Portugal. There are four exhibition galleries, a library and an open tea house.

AMA Theatre at Macau Maritime Museum, Barra square. Audio visual gallery
A-MA Theatre at Macau Maritime Museum

Exhibits related to fishing and trading goods are on display at Macau Maritime Museum, Barra square, Macao
The Exhibition Gallery showing trading goods at  Macau Maritime Museum

The Exhibition Galleries display the articles and instruments related to fishing, navigation, different Chinese sailboats, models wearing traditional costumes, oil paintings, sculptures, the replica of fisherman’s house portraying their lifestyles, vehicles and other nautical technologies. 

The lifesize replica of Chinese fisherman's lifestyle display at Macau Maritime Museum
Replica Of Fisherman's Life!

Models of sailing boats at Macau Maritime Museum, a part of Historical Centre of Macao
Exhibition Gallery, Macau Maritime Museum

The wonderful exhibits like the model of centuries old ships used by Portuguese seafarers, models of the latest ships, and Dragon boat made of whale’s bones will blow your mind away! There are four aquariums that feature different sub-water world themes as well.

Exhibits showing 17th century Macau Map, Macau Maritime Museum
Exhibition Gallery, Macau Maritime Museum

Model of sailing boat at Macau Maritime Museum
The Exhibition Gallery, Macau Maritime Museum

Model of nautical instrument at Macau Maritime Museum
The Exhibition Gallery, Macau Maritime Museum

Take your time to observe everything in detail here, further if you are interested to learn more about maritime technologies, pay a visit to the Library section that comprises of plenty of books related to it.

Exhibits at Macau Maritime Museum, China
The Exhibition Gallery, Macau Maritime Museum

Models wearing fisherman clothes at Macau Maritime Museum, Barra square, China, Macau
The Exhibition Gallery, Macau Maritime Museum

The open tea house is situated outside the museum where you can relax and get a fabulous view of sea alongside some real size exhibits. 

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The open Tea House area of Macau Maritime Museum at Barra square, Macau
The Outside Open Tea House Area

The dragon boat displat at Macau Maritime Museum, Barra Square, macao
Dragon Boat Replica!

With the sunset, the time came to leave the city. We hired a taxi, went to Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, boarded the same Turbojet ferry and arrived in Hong Kong within an hour.

Turbojet ferry,Sands Hotel Macao, Sea, Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, My trip to Macau,day 3 on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog,,travel tips,best places to visit in Macao
Bye, Bye Macau!! See You Soon...

Besides glitz and glamour of high-end Casinos, Macau has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity and knowledge. Needless to say, as a traveller, I enjoyed each and every moment spent in Macau😊 From awe-inspiring UNESCO listed Heritage Sites to Resourceful Museums, from Extravaganza Shows to Luxurious resorts, all you get to experience in a single place, called MACAU!

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To visit the heritage sites of ‘Historic Centre of Macao’, you can choose to start with either A-MA temple (close to Ferry Terminal) or place of your choice. Since we were unaware of shortcut ways, we had to walk a lot!! So, plan accordingly and explore MACAU.
Since we visited during Chinese New Year, admission to maximum museums and heritage sites were free! Even if they charged us, the cost was nominal.
Senado Square is a beautiful place; do not miss to visit this place at the evening time.
You can avail taxi to commute to certain places but the best way to explore this trail is by walking only!
There are some tourist spots that involve a lot of walking plus hiking hence wear comfortable outfit and shoes for a smart move.
Maximum attractions are nearby each other and are safe as well. Do not panic if you get lost, locals are very helpful!

I hope my Macau travelogue (Day 1/2/3) would be helpful for you to figure out the best places to visit in Macau.

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  1. Such beautiful pics dear! lovely post

  2. Macau through your eyes and lens is such a splendour. Truly an interesting place to explore.

  3. Beautiful place, lovely you ! Looking forward to see more such posts from you. :D

    1. Aww :* Thanks a bunch sweetie <3 Sure, will try to post some more travel posts!

  4. beautiful travel pics Ana :)

  5. Seems like a wonderful place! Lots of gardens and museums, on my wishlist now :D

    1. He he, true! Macau is famous for its Casinos but we tried to explore the offbeat places too! Hope, you liked my little effort :) Thanks a bunch, cutey <3

  6. Nice to see you covered the places of Macau outside the gambling areas and posh hotels :) These are the real life shots of Macau. Nice post!

    1. Aww Mercy, thank you for your kind encouraging words <3 It means a lot :) Glad, you liked my effort!

  7. I am definitely saving it for my future trip to Macau. You literally made me visualize it all. Beautiful.

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