Monday 18 September 2017

My September ’17 Haul || Makeup/ Beauty/ Lifestyle

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all are having a fun festive time with family😊 As festival season is right here, I wanted to buy some much-needed cosmetics but as usual, being an impulsive buyer I totally went on a shopping spree😜 My September haul includes a few makeup goodies, beauty & skincare products. To see what I have got this month, please read ahead…

Natural Beauty And Makeup September Haul feature cosmetics and skincare products, Revlon, Hello Kitty, ST.Ives, Patanjali
My September Haul!

Hello Kitty Lip Balm- Blue Berry:

Look at this figurine lip balm! Its cute design just stole my heart away😍 This is my first ever Hello Kitty beauty product and I am super happy to own this baby😊 The Blueberry flavour was only available at the store, so picked this up for the time being. After using it thoroughly, I shall come up with its review, so stay tuned!

Hello Kitty Blue Berry Figurine Lip Balm
Hello Kitty Lip Balm

Price & Quantity: 29.9 HKD For 4.8g (From SASA store)

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula FLIPBALM – Juicy Watermelon

See, the lip balm addiction😜 Another lip balm I bought from Palmer’s brand in the flavour Juicy Watermelon. This brand is against animal testing and till date, I haven’t tried any product from them. So yes, I am really excited to try this Flipbalm with Vitamin E that claims to instantly hydrate the lips!

Revlon Cocoa Butter Formula Flipbalm Juicy Watermelon
Palmer's FlipBalm

Price & Quantity: 42 HKD For 7g (From SASA store) 

REVLON Ultra Volume Waterproof Mascara 051 Blackest Black:

Blackest Black 051 waterproof mascara is a conditioning, clump-free formula that plumps lashes. My Lotus Botanical volume mascara got over long back, so this time I thought of purchasing Revlon makeup products. Again till date, I have never tried a single beauty product from Revlon but always heard good reviews about this brand. So I’m totally optimistic about its performance, hope it'll add some volume and length to my otherwise thin lashes😊

Revlon Ultra Volume Waterproof 051 Blackest Black Mascara
051 Blackest Black Mascara

Price & Quantity: 118 HKD For 8.5 ml (From SASA Store)

REVLON ColorStay Lip Liner- Rose:

My next makeup purchase was a lip liner from Revlon in the shade Rose. Looking at this beautiful pale pink (almost nude) shade I couldn’t resist myself from buying this beauty. Hope, this shade would look good on me!

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in shade Rose
Revlon ColorStay Rose Lipliner

Price & Quantity: 89 HKD For 0.28g (From SASA Store) 

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick- Blushing Nude 637:

To match with the above lip liner, I bought this 637 Blushing Nude lipstick from Revlon Super Lustrous Cream lipstick range. I didn’t buy any matte lipsticks this time as I have a plan to make this cream formula into a matte one 😃 and I think in this way, my dry lips won’t cry much!! Stay tuned for the full review guys.

Revlon Super Lustrous Cream Lipstick, 637 Blushing Nude
Revlon Blushing Nude

Price & Quantity: 65 HKD For 4.2g (From SASA Store)   

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick – Cherries in the snow 440:

Next, I have got this beautiful vibrant pink lipstick in the shade 440 Cherries in the snow. I don’t have any pink lipstick in my kitty so it’s a nice addition. It belongs to the same Super Lustrous Cream Lipstick range of Revlon.

Revlon Super Lustrous Cream Lipstick, 440 Cherries in The Snow
Cherries in the Snow!

Price: 65 HKD For 4.2g (From SASA Store) 

Sasatinnie Eyeliner Pencil 02 Brown:

After having a bad experience with Hard Candy brown eye pencil I almost gave up on pencil liners but you know me 😜 I never keep my resolutions! So again I bought pencil eyeliner in deep brown shade from SASA superstore. The shade name is 02 brown and the brand is Sasatinnie. Hope, this will not disappoint me, fingers crossed!!

Sasatinnie 02 Brown Eyeliner Pencil
Brown Eyeliner!

Price: 22HKD For 1.1g     

Dr. G Gowoonsesang Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++:

Honestly, I don’t know why I bought this sample as it ain’t going to last me even 3 usages! I have been looking for a nice BB cream suitable to my skin tone but not yet found. I do have Maybelline BB stick but that somehow doesn’t give that glow and hydration, so not using it these days. I use foundation rarely; a bb cream comes handy for light makeup. Let’s see if it suits my skin!

Dr.G Gowoonsesang Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm with SPF 30
BB Cream!

Sample size, priced at 30 HKD for 5ml (Got it for 10 HKD at SASA Store)                

Revlon Nail Enamel/ Vernis, 490 URBAN:

Yay! Nail polish time 😍 Bought this deep blue shade from Revlon and the shade name is 490 Urban. I love this bright shade and the decent packaging.

Revlon Blue 490 URBAN Nail Polish
Blue Nail Polish!

Price & Quantity: 28 HKD For 14.7ml

BN Luminous Change Dot Art Pen:

Okay, now I was on a lookout for nail art tools to do some creative work with nail paints hence this purchase. This double-sided dot pen has round shaped aluminium pointed tips on both the ends. One end with larger ball tip is for making large-sized dots and the other end with a smaller ball tip is for tiny dots.

BN Luminous Change White Dot Art Pen
Nail Art Dot Pen

Price & Quantity: 19 HKD (From SASA Store)

MAVALA Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pads:

Given a choice, I would always pick nail polish removing pads instead of remover solutions because of its easy-to-use feature and travel-friendly packaging! Best stuff for the people on the go. The product is made in Switzerland and contains 30 pads. I will soon post a detailed review of this, stay tuned lovelies!

MAVALA Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover pads
Nail Polish Remover

Price & Quantity: 45 HKD For 30 Pads

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel:

To be honest, this time I wanted to try out an aloe vera gel from some other brands but seeing it at the store couldn’t help thus bought it. This aloe vera gel claims to be an instant solution for pimples, wrinkles and glowing fair skin. I have never used it on my hair; however, I love its effect on my skin!

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel!

Price & Quantity:   15 HKD  for 150ml (From Indian Store)

ST.Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub:

This is an oil-free, dermatologist tested Sulphate and Paraben free Apricot face scrub with 100% natural exfoliants. My hubby and I have never tried any product from this brand and since our current face scrub is about to finish, we thought let’s this out!! Hope, this will work for both of us. 

ST.Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub
Face Scrub!

Price & Quantity: 42.9 HKD for 170g


LEN-O-LIN All –Purpose Face & Body Olive Oil:

I have been a fan of Figaro and Farrell Olive oils for a long time but after coming to Hong Kong, I couldn’t find any of these brands. I love olive oils for body massage and I desperately needed one for my ultra dry skin. So without thinking too much, I simply bought this oil for trial purpose.

Len-O-Lin All purpose Face and Body Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Price & quantity:  55 HKD For 220g (From Bonjour Superstore)

Dove Go Fresh 48h Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Antiperspirant:

The product says – it gives you 48h protection and contains Dove’s unique ¼ moisturizing cream with green tea & cucumber scent for a clean and light sensation all day! I haven’t tried this variant so picked it up this time 😊

Dove Go Fresh 48h Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Anti-Perspirant
Dove Deo!

Price & quantity: 29.9 HKD for 150ml

Natrapari Body Wash Lavender & Verbena:

This body wash is infused with essential oils like Lavender & Verbena. I couldn’t find its smaller size so bought this huge bottle. It smells so good 😍 The full review will be up soon!

Natrapari Body Wash Lavender & Verbena
Natrapari Body Wash

Price & quantity: 47.9 HKD for 650ml

Nexcare Hair Turban:

Finally, I found this easy-to-use hair turban. I had always longed for this kind of hair turban but never found one. At last, I got this here at the superstore and grabbed it instantly. Now, I can easily take hot towel treatment post hair oil massage. The quality of this towel is great but chances of staining this light coloured turban are high😓

Nexcare Hair Turban in Light beige Colour
Hair Turban!

Price: 149 HKD (SASA Store)  
So beauties, this was all I bought this month! Hope you enjoyed my haul post.

See you soon...

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  1. Loved the huge haul. Revlon lip liner and thr brow pencil sound amazing!

  2. Great haul dear! You have purchased some awesome products especially the Revlon lipstick and lip liner. Would love to read reviews of these lippies <3

    1. Thanks a ton, dear <3 Yes, I shall post their reviews soon :)

  3. You picked some awesome stuff.. To be honest I haven't tried a single product from the list 😐😐 but I really want to get that turban tough.

    1. Thank you so much Madhu <3 These products are new to me as well, except aloevera gel!

  4. These are some amazing products dear..... thx for sharing..;-)

  5. Lovely haul post! <3

  6. Both the lipbalms have my heart! <3 loved the haul dear. :)

    1. yay,these are my faves too <3 Thanks a lot, Bhumika :)

  7. Nice haul! The Hello Kitty lip balm is too cute! I'll have to keep an eye out for the watermelon lip balm. I have another lip balm by that brand and it's pretty nice.

    1. Loving this water melon lip balm, Lisa :) Try this, you gonna love it <3

  8. The hello kitty lip balm is sooo cute

  9. great haul Ana...loved the cute kitty lipbalm..

  10. Babes your haul makes me wanna shop..I love that scrub but, it is very deep exfoliating. I love it especially as a body scrub <3 could you please do an LOTD with that lip liner..and yes, since you are looking for a bb cream I recommend bourjois CC cream.. I have been using it for almost 2 years now..

    1. Thank you Soumya for this recommendation but gal from where do you buy Bourjois products? Yeah, will do LOTD posts on that soon <3