Monday 12 February 2018

Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ Review, Photos & Other Details

Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm aka BB cream needs no introduction! Is there anything this versatile product can’t do? From moisturizing & priming the skin to providing seamless coverage & sun protection, it does everything and this is why this multitasker baby is a part of our everyday beauty routine 😊.

Dr..G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ Review, Photos & Other Details
Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ Review

Today, I am going to review a Korean cosmetic product, Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm with SPF 30 PA++ from Dr. G (Gowoonsesang) brand which I bought from SASA Store, Hong Kong, a few months back. To know more about this BB cream read ahead peeps... 

Product Description:

Containing hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients recognized for their ability to support you, each of these unique formulations work on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look.

Product Description

Discover a program of complete care for the face based on innovative research and proven science. Apply a thin layer of blemish balm onto all over the face. Use fingertips to spread gently until it has been completely absorbed. 

About the Brand:


Image source: SASA Official website

Image Source: SASA official website


Bearberry Extract and Rose Water


Category: BB cream
Type of Skin: All skin types
Price & quantity: 43$ for 60ml (and 10HKD for 5ml in SASA)
Availability: Online & in all SASA stores across Hong Kong

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My Experience With Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm:

Skin Type: Combination (Oily T-zone & Dry U-zone)

In Sasa Store, there is a section where you can find various skincare samples from brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder etc. I was browsing some other products when I spotted this tiny BB cream. As I had no BB cream and my old foundation also got finished, I grabbed this baby to try first and then make a full product purchase. The downside fact is that it comes in only one shade. Since the price was cheap, I didn’t mind to spend thus came home happy with this product.

Packaging of DR.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++

As far as the packaging is concerned, it is fully hygienic and comes in a small silver coloured tube with a firm screw cap. Product details and usage direction are given on the packaging.

Texture of DR.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ || Korean BB cream

Coming to the texture, this BB cream is of greyish-pink coloured and has a thick yet smooth consistency. It has no artificial fragrance at all.

wearing DR.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++/ NBAM blog
Wearing Dr. G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA ++
(Face Product Used: On LHS- Dr.G BB cream, RHS- only moisturiser)
Camera Used- Canon 700 D, Day time shooting

When applied on the moisturized skin, it feels lightweight, glides on smoothly, and imparts a matte finish to the skin. The coverage is sheer to medium, I would say. It does cover the redness on my skin but not those deep acne scars. The BB cream has sort of grey to neutral undertones, so on persons having yellow skin tone like me (NC 40), it oxidizes & looks ashy/grey. Be cautious with the amount you put on your skin because more product leads to scarier face especially for deep skin toned beauties! Anyway, the grayish look turns into normal after a few hours and you are good to go. Although it settles into a matte finish, the texture is not that drying in nature as the name suggests Hydra Intensive! However, I do not prefer dusting powder on top of it otherwise my skin looks a bit drier. This BB cream is definitely suitable for oily skinned people with fair and pale skin tones.
Anniversary Look, wearing Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm
(Face Product Used- Atlantis Skincare day cream, Dr.G BB cream & Johnson's Baby Powder)
Camera Used: Canon 700D, Pic taken under yellow room light

On my engagement anniversary day, I applied a thick cream first because winter season had arrived already by that time and then followed it with an ample amount of this BB cream for a good coverage with the help of a sponge. My skin appeared grayish still I waited to see the final result. Freak! Even after 30 minutes, it seemed that grayish look wasn’t going to fade away anytime soon. I used a wet sponge to tone down the shade. Then I applied some baby powder to complete my look. Anyway, I wasn’t happy with that look 😞.

Wearing DR.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ . NBAM
Wearing Dr. G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++
(Face Product Used- Aroma Essentials Day Serum & Dr.G BB cream. No powder)
Camera used - Mobile Photography/Pic taken under room light at night

PS: Please excuse my undone bushy brows as I haven't been to the salon for a long
 time due to illness!

After a lot of trial & error, recently, I was satisfied with its performance. Instead of moisturizer, I used a lightweight yet hydrating serum on my skin first and then used a tiny amount of this BB cream and applied with my fingers. This way, the shade looked natural on my skin, no grayish/ashy-ness and my skin looked glowing too. Yay 😍 It has a good staying power of around 6-7 hours and covers minor blemishes. For higher coverage, you have to build this up but as this cream is matte in texture, for dry & yellow skinned beauties, it’s not a good idea! This is just a 5ml sample so will last me a few more usages. The best part, it doesn’t clog the pores, skin can breathe thus no breakouts!

Plus Points:

  • Lightweight
  • Great for oily and sensitive skinned people
  • Follow the instruction and use your fingertips for the application. It works wonders that way!
  • Provides a matte finish
  • Best for pale, fair and light skin tones
  • Good staying power
  • No breakouts!!
  • Has SPF 30 PA ++
  • Little amount would suffice the purpose!
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Infused with skincare benefits
  • Good for summers
  • Coverage is buildable
  • Hygienic

Minus Points:

  • Comes in only one shade
  • Full ingredient list is missing!
  • It couldn’t cover my acne scars!
  • Skin looks dark/ashy right after the application!!
  • Not great for dry skinned beauties!
  • Moisturizing your skin is a must before its application!
  • Not ideal for yellow or dark skin toned persons

Rating: 3.5/5


Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm is a lightweight BB cream with matte finish formula and SPF 30 PA++ which is perfect for all fair/pale, sensitive, oily and combination skin types. Best way to achieve a natural, glowing finish is to use this product with your fingers, that’s what I have learnt & shared here!! I will not repurchase this product as I want to try other Asian BB creams rather than sticking to one.

Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ Review
Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++

If you are on the lookout for an affordable, hydrating yet matte finish BB cream then this product is worth a try!

Hope you found this review helpful.

See you soon 💗

Have You Ever Tried Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm? If Yes, Then Please Do Share Your Experience With Me In The Comment Section Below.


  1. Have tried this balm before. Its definitely value for money, a tiny bit goes a long way, unfortunately it didn't give me the natural look. No matter how I blend it in, as little as I use. Seemingly is fab on you.

    1. Yeah I know, it looks so dark and oxidizes on skin, quite annoying!! I am not going to repurchase this BB cream :(

  2. It's a big downside that it doesn't cater to medium and usky skin tones. Good that it worked for you!

  3. Hey this sounds cool, also you look lovely :)

  4. BB cream with SPF is always awesome. I like its decent coverage.. Nice review