Tuesday 20 February 2018

A Well Spent Evening - Gaylord Restaurant, Birthday Celebration, LOOKPOST & OOTD

Happy Valentine’s Month ladies,
Love is in the air! Hope all of you had spent a fabulous time with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Mine was great as my Valentine celebrates his birthday every year on 13th Feb, so 13th to 14th party time, YAY 😍. In fact, the whole Valentine week has been the busiest week for me so far - parties, official work, and above all Chinese New Year special 4-days long weekend! 

A Well Spent Evening - Gaylord Restaurant, Birthday Celebration, LOOKPOST & OOTD

I love Indian food and my quest for finding the best Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong led me to Gaylord Restaurant this time. Well, neither we had booked this restaurant exclusively for birthday nor I’ll be reviewing it in detail today. However, I would definitely cover certain points in this post to make sure you get an idea about this place as well as I shall also be sharing about how I styled myself for the dinner date - OOTD & Look Details.

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Wearing-Veromoda-Olive-Jacket-Blackpant- Anamika Chattopadhyaya-NBAM
Every day is a fashion show and the world is the RUNWAY!

We are grown-ups now but that doesn’t stop us from decking up and doing celebrations on our birthdays, right 😜. And why should we do so when we all know that life is a beautiful gift from God yet short and nobody knows what will happen next! Birthdays are meant to be celebrated each year, feel loved & cherished, if not in an extravagant way with everyone but certainly with family and close friends at the favourite place 😊. I love spending that special day with my lovely family, what about you?

A Well Spent Evening in Hong Kong, Anamika Chattopadhyaya
A Well Spent Evening - OOTD

In Hong Kong, winter is yet to say goodbye as winter monsoon is here to stay for a few more weeks as per weather reports. Thus I am fortunate enough to get more chances for flaunting my winter fashion outfits which I thought I would not be able to wear seeing the sudden temperature rise last week😁.

A Well Spent Evening - OOTD- Photoshoots- Anamika Chattopadhyaya- Blogger-NBAM
A Well Spent Evening - OOTD

On my adorable hubby’s birthday, I wanted to wear another outfit which unfortunately couldn’t happen as that blazer (a blue one) does not fit me anymore! I bought that from Mark & Spencer, HK last year; perhaps I got the wrong size or I might have become too much thin (within a year, I’ve lost 6kg)!! Anyway, I decided to wear my favourite casual comfortable outfit- a beautiful olive coloured jacket combined with a simple white top which is studded with pearl beads and black slim fit jeans. I feel olive colour goes too well with black and white shades. The quality of this dark olive jacket is amazing, breathable yet doesn’t let in the wind when worn. It is designed with a simple high neckline with button and some front detailing and texture around the shoulder. At the store, other jackets looked pretty simple and plain; I picked this one out of the lot only because of its style- neither too trendy nor too simple! 

A Well Spent Evening -  LOOKPOST & OOTD- Anamika Chattopadhyaya-Lifestyle Blogger
A Well Spent Evening - LOOKPOST & OOTD

The white sleeveless top actually comes with another outfit but I usually pair it with my different tops/shrugs/coats/jackets. This synthetic blouse is totally versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. A few pearl beads are studded around the front neckline which makes this top look elegant 😊.

A Well Spent Evening - LOOKPOST & OOTD-Anamika-Chattopadhyaya-NBAM

Regarding the pant, oh! I so love this slim-fit black pant of Jealous 21 brand that I bought from Pantaloons long back 😊. Highly comfortable to wear and is durable too! Well to match this outfit, I styled my look with accessories like a designed belt, white sneakers, Rhinestone studded earrings and a gold ring, no wristwatch or bracelet this time. I left my hair open for quite some time but later I clipped the front bangs for the comfort of course and tada I am done 😍!

Wearing White Sneaker Shoes with Black Pants- OOTD-NBAM
If life gives you Lemons, sell them and buy NEW SHOES!

Wearing P.N.Gadgil diamond studded gold ring for OOTD- NBAM
Don't let anyone ever dull your SPARKLE !!


Jacket - Vero Moda, Pune, India
Top – Simpark Mall, Kolkata, India
Jeans - Pantaloons, Pune, India
Shoes- Cotton On, Hong Kong
Belt- Forever 21, Hong Kong
Earrings– Zaveri Pearls, Pune, India
Ring – P.N. Gadgil shop, Pune, India

OOTD Photoshoots done at LKF Amphitheatre, Central, Hong Kong in the evening under street light
A Well Spent Evening - Photoshoot at LKF Amphitheatre

A Well Spent Evening - OOTD Photoshoots at LKF amphitheatre, Central, HongKong Featuring Anamika Chattopadhyaya
Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!


All these pictures were taken in LanKwaiFong’s Iconic Amphitheatre located nearby my home, Central Hong Kong. This is the place where maximum stage shows and performances happen organized by LKF group. It is a beautiful semi-circular open area, in fact, a landmark equipped with seating arrangements but not that large. I love doing my OOTD photo-shoots here but proper lighting is an issue in the evening, though! By the way, in Central you can find fashion bloggers and wedding photographers doing their shoots every now and then, it feels so great to see them. I don’t know for how long we’ll be in Hong Kong but I shall definitely miss this vibrating place, CENTRAL!

Wearing Zaveri Pearls Earring Studs- OOTD & LOOKPOST-NBAM
A Well Spent Evening - LOOKPOST & OOTD


Face- Moisturised my face with Aroma Essentials Day Serum and Biotique Morning Nectar moisturizer. Then I corrected & highlighted my under-eye dark area using MAC studio Conceal & Correct Duo (Burnt Coral/Rich Yellow) followed by Colorbar BB cream (002 Honey Glaze). Then I lightly powdered my face with Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake (PO Peach Puff). No highlighting & contouring! Set the whole makeup using Makeup Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray.

Eyes – Lined my upper eyelid with Maybelline Hypersharp black eyeliner and the waterline of lower lid with Faces Canada Ultime Pro (Dazzling Blue 05) Pencil liner. As I mentioned above that I planned to wear another outfit and so I did this eye makeup accordingly but later I had to change the whole attire! I don’t have green liner at present hence didn’t change the look, but I loved this pop of colour on my eyes. I curled my lashes with Colorbar Eyelash Curler and then coated my eyelashes with Revlon Ultra Volume (051 Blackest Black) Mascara. Oh, I also highlighted the corner of my eyes with the lightest (01) shade of MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette.

Lips- Lined my lips with Faces Canada Ultime Pro (Pink 04) lip liner and then filled my lips with Revlon Super Lustrous (440 Cherries In The Snow) Lipstick.

OOTD Photoshoot at Win On Lane, LanKwaiFong, Central,  Hongkong, featuring Blogger Anamika Chattopadhyaya
A Well Spent Evening - LOOKPOST & OOTD

Soon after finishing the photo-shoot and little bit of shopping, we headed for Gaylord Restaurant to have our dinner. I am literally on a mission to explore Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong and till date, I've visited 7 restaurants, this one is 8th! I will try to write a detailed review on this as well as a comparison post to help you find the best Indian restaurant in Hong Kong.

A well spent Evening At Gaylord Restaurant- The Interior Look- NBAM
The Interior!!

First and foremost, Gaylord, a part of Mayfair group, is considered to be the oldest Indian restaurant in Hong Kong situated in Tsim Sha Shui and has been operating since 1972. The restaurant is housed on the first floor of Ashley Centre, TST, Kowloon which seems quite spacious and is elegantly designed with beautiful decorative pieces. There is a bar at the front and a stage at one corner where Indian musicians perform while the diners are enjoying their food. What I love about this place is that it is well lit and illuminated; perfect for taking pictures, unlike other Indian restaurants where they keep the lights dim. I so loved its ambience, interior, and the authentic feel-good vibe! When we entered the restaurant, it was not completely full but within an hour, it got busier. Mostly families and couples were dining with us during that time.

Food menu at Gaylord Indian Restaurant Hongkong- Natural Beauty And Makeup

As I just got recovered from cold & cough, I didn’t order any drink but hubby ordered his all-time favourite soft drink coke and a watermelon juice in case I want to drink some! In the starters, we ordered one item from Shuruat Section – Paneer Amritsar (Spiced cottage cheese batter-fried), two items from Tandoori Nazrane (Barbeque Delicacies) section -  Fish Tikka Nazakat (Chunks of fresh Mackerel grilled to a melt in your mouth finish), Lamb Seekh Kebab (soft skewered rolls of spiced minced lamb). In the main course, we had Garlic Nan (White flour bread with garlic) and Chicken Makhanwala (Boneless pieces of Tandoori chicken cooked in smooth butter and tomato sauce). No desserts.

Coming to Gaylord’s service, food quality and staff behaviour, absolutely wonderful I would say. From starter to the main course, each dish was delectable and sumptuous. Yum, I am feeling so hungry now! Lol 😜 Let me go there a few more times and try other dishes too and then I would come up with an in-depth review of this restaurant. Till then, please bear with this short review of mine!

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A Well Spent Evening at Gaylord -Restaurant-Birthday-Celebration- Anamika-Chattopadhyaya-NBAM
With the Birthday Boy!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this short restaurant review and liked my look for that evening.

See you soon.

(Picture Credit: Husband & NBAM photography)

Have You Ever Visited Gaylord Restaurant In Hong Kong? Do You Love Indian Food? Please Let Me Know In The Comment Section How Did You Celebrate Your V-Day This Year?


  1. You have covered everything in a single post great !! Amazing read ... Seems you both had a great time.

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart <3 Yes, we did enjoy a lot dear :)

  2. Amazing post! love the pictures dear :)

  3. You are right. We don't need occasions neither special reasons for looking good, nor for my loving moment with our loved ones. Whatever makes you happy, I am with you. Nice winter style and I certainly can see both of you had a great dining together.

  4. Your olive green jacket looks outstanding. loved your makeup look for the day :)

  5. Absolutely loved your outfit for the day! And it looks like you both had a great time (:
    Great post!
    I’d love it if you’d check out my new post at https://khanakm.com/2018/02/25/legit-no-makeup-makeup-tutorial/
    Khanak x

    1. Khanak, such a beautiful name!! Thank you very much dear <3 Yes, we did enjoy a lot :D

  6. You look so cute Ana! Loved your outfit and glad to know you had a great celebration. But what I so desperately wanted to know is how you lost 6kgs?

    1. Thank you so much, Husna <3 Regarding weight loss, the two prime reasons are lack of sleep and not eating sufficient food :( Weight gain is an issue with me since childhood, it's just at the time of marriage I gained 10kgs, credit goes to mommy! Till then I was underweight, 43 kg. I am 5.5'', should be around 60kg!! In 2016, my weight was 59 but within this one year 2017-18, I lost whooping 6kg, now 53 :( :( I have a lean structure,my hands & legs are thin but all fats are getting stored around tummy!! I do Yoga daily to maintain good health and to reduce this belly fat but the real problem is I cannot eat much, less eat means less weight gain. That's all darling!

  7. I rarely see an olive green jacket, this one you have looks nice and suits you really well. I miss HK, I went there many years ago, I hope I can go back soon.


    1. Thanks a lot, Mercy! Glad, you liked this post :) Even I will miss Hong Kong, the place & the people are so nice!

  8. Loved this post and how detailed your writing is. Baby gurl you are glowing and you both are couple goals <3

    1. Thank you so much babe for appreciating my work :) Your lovely comment just made my day!!

  9. Wow, day well spent and you did put lot of efforts..Nice one. Way to go girl..!!!

  10. I also love to take the day off on my birthday and spent it with family :) ... it is a celebration and it means taking a break from office and spend quality time with yourself and family... loved the jacket and you are looking so stunning...also have you lost some weight?