Thursday 5 November 2015

Review: Eyetex Dazller Eyeliner in Black

Hello beauties, 
This is my first ever review of a product on my beauty and makeup blog and I am so excited to share my experience with all of you here 😍. Eyeliner is one of the makeup products which is very essential to accentuate the beauty of our eyes. Today, I am going to review “Eyetex Dazller Eyeliner” in the shade black. But to know whether or not I am impressed with it, please read about my experience!

Eyetex Dazller Eyeliner Black Review:-

The Dazller liquid eyeliner comes in a regular sized opaque glass bottle with a brush applicator, nothing fancy about the packaging. The product is of rich black color with a matte-finish texture. But I’m skeptical about its ingredients (considering the price), as product details and ingredients are not fully mentioned on the bottle.

Price:-  Rs 40 for 6.5 ml  (Price may vary)                                                          


The eyeliner is smooth, black in colour. It has a semi consistency creamy texture that provides a soft matte finish. It has a light fragrance but does not last longer.

My Take on Eyetex Dazller Eyeliner:-

If I need to describe this eyeliner in one word, it would be ‘Excellent’. I am always good with the pencil type eyeliners; not the liquid ones, but I found this eyeliner just amazing!  I got this eyeliner as a gift from my regular parlor aunt. I asked her to suggest me some good budget-friendly matte eyeliners and right after that this eyeliner was in my hand!

To be honest, at first, I was not in the mood to use it for its cheap rate and also, this brand was unknown to me at that point of time (was scared if it harms my eyelid!). But then I thought to give it a try. Believe me or not, after applying it for the first time, I totally fell in love with this product. The tip of the applicator is so good that you can create the boldest to the thinnest line with this! It also glides on smoothly over the eyelids, isn’t it great? Though the applicator is quite short, it allows for easy and smooth application. Moreover, you can achieve jet black colour with just one or two swipes of the brush. It looks glossy at first but then sets to a beautiful soft matte finish.

It stayed on my oily eyelids for a good 4-5 hrs without smudging / cracking. I applied Vaseline (my eye makeup remover) to remove it afterwards. It is water resistant as well. Matte eyeliner lovers will definitely like this product and is a must have for all beginners. I’m very happy to have it in my vanity.

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Plus Points:- 

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Good durability
  3.  Smudge proof
  4. Excellent applicator
  5. Water resistant
  6. Commonly available

Minus Points: -

  1.    Ingredients not listed 
  2.    Artificial fragrance, though not so overpowering



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As I mentioned earlier, this liner was a gift to me, but honestly, I loved its texture and brush wand. Already I have spotted its outlet near my home. I am currently eyeing on gel-liners, though! In my opinion, this eyeliner is the best for teens and college girls. Those who are like me always in a hunt for pocket friendly stuff, you can also give it a shot.  Hope my review on this eyeliner will help you decide!  

USP – The Thin Brush applicator / wand


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See you soon ❤️

Have You Tried This Budget Friendly Eyeliner From Eyetex? What Is Your Take On It? Do Let Me Know In The Comment Section Below.


  1. i love gel liners :) This one looks nice but i have not seen it in stores..

    1. I have no idea of your place dear, but I spotted its outlet in Pune!