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Skincare Guide: How to Get Your Skincare Right?

Have you ever wondered what is the increasing awareness and emphasis on skincare all about? Why is it that suddenly our skin needs more than just sufficient hydration and moisturization? 

Our lifestyle is to blame.

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types

With anxiety, stress-induced hormonal imbalances, pollution, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet taking the front seat in our daily lives, it’s practically risky to leave our skin be. The right skincare has become utmost important because the collective effects of all these factors can result in a dull, dehydrated, and irritable skin; a stark contrast from the kind of skin we dream of each night and wake up hoping to have.

That makes skin care an essential saviour. Despite our lifestyles that we can do little about, the good news is that following a skincare routine religiously can help you fight the hazards of your lifestyle and keep the nightmares of breakouts, acne, excessive dryness away. A good skincare routine can further aid to slow down ageing, bring back your glow, make your skin supple and healthy, and keep it young for a longer time.

What’s more? There’s no better feeling than gifting your skin some tender, love, and care after a long week’s work.

If this has been motivation enough to add skin care regimes to your life, we are here to help. Read on to find out guides, tips, and more!

How to Get Your Skincare Right?

Daily Skincare Regime:

Worrying about spending time for skincare in your already busy life? No more! Here’s the easiest skincare routine you can follow daily within a handful of minutes!

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1. Cleansing

First things first, rinse off your face with warm water, clear any dirt lingering on the surface of your skin. It can be a disaster if you miss this step because the combination of dirt in your pores and any skincare product can create havoc on your skin. Make sure to clean off any residual makeup or stubborn smut with a face wash that is suitable for your skin type. 

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types
Use toner

2. Toning

Toning is an optional step but indeed an important one. A toner helps your skin to restore its PH levels as it contains minerals, essentials rich in vitamin B and antioxidants. Toners are also popular to deep cleanse your pores and make them tighter which keeps away breakouts and your skin ends up looking younger.


3. Serum Treatment

With the harmful pollutants attacking your skin night and day, this step is absolutely unmissable. Serums consisting of derivatives of essential vitamins like A and C acts as effective shields against the free radicals that cause skin ageing. Most serums contain exfoliating agents like lactic acids or alpha-hydroxy acids. They work best for dry and irritable skin. 

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types
Serum Treatment

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4. Eye Treatment

The right kind of eye treatment can ensure that the skin of your eyelids or under eyes remain young and elastic. Various specialised solutions are available with rollerball technology that are lighter than regular moisturisers and effective in controlling pigmentation.

5. Spot or Acne Treatment

If oily skin has been haunting you for as long as you can remember, this might just be the most vital step for you. Acne treatments minimise future breakouts while spot treatments reduce inflammation of pimples and treat scars. Vitamin B3 and benzene-1 compounds are best for acne and the stubborn spots they leave behind. If it’s your first time using an acne treatment cream, it’s always recommended to apply in small amounts to check your skin’s reaction to the product.

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types
Moisturise your skin

6. Moisturization

Moisturising your skin is a mandatory item in your to-do skincare lists for all skin types. With an extensive range of light and non-greasy moisturisers to thick, nourishing ones, there’s one for all skin types. Moisturisers create a barrier so as to protect your skin. Good moisturisation is also known to heal skin injuries and maintain the right amount of hydration. Do not forget your lips! πŸ˜‰

7. UV Protection

Sun damage can have serious implications ranging from an unhealthy tan to inflammation or even worse, skin cancer! Luckily, we have broad-spectrum sunscreens to save the day and our skin. For complete protection, choose one with a minimum of SPF 30 UVA and UVB protection. Even if you have applied a moisturiser, do not forget to use a standalone sunscreen and for best results, apply it every two to three hours or after sweating profusely.

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Weekly Skincare Regimes:

Besides taking dedicated care of your skin daily, your skin needs extra attention just like yourself to stay healthy and happy. Taking out little time from your week to follow the following skincare options can work miracles to your overall skin health.

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells shed by your skin and relieving it of other impurities that take home in your skin pores. It sounds complicated but can be easily done in two simple ways:

a) Mechanical

Towels and loofahs with their uneven, rough surfaces can be effectively used to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells off. A hot shower before exfoliation is helpful as it opens up the pores and gives space to your skin to breathe. Remember to only rub gently as too much pressure can lead to skin rashes and burns on the sensitive skin of your face.

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b) Natural or Chemical 

Natural scrubs made up of ingredients from the kitchen like apricots, walnuts, cocoa beans, coffee, and others can prove to be excellent exfoliators that also nourish your skin along. You can also choose to go for chemical solutions specially designed to clear your pores and shrink them.

Exfoliate twice or thrice a week for radiant, clear skin.

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types
Sheet Masking!

2. Clays, Sheets and Peel Offs

On a relaxing day off, masks are a woman’s best friend.

Mask treatments, whether home-made or chemically composed, even once a week can help your skin heal and feel moisturised, radiant, and smooth. Clay masks are easy to apply with their pasty texture. Any carbonated bubble clay mask is a potent solution to blackheads, whereas to treat oily skin, fuller’s earth clay mask is a saviour. 

Other nourishing masks include sheet masks that you can simply layer over your face for a few minutes to obtain profound moisturization and fresh skin. You can also try peel offs masks that are most effective in pulling off dirt and oil debris accumulated deep down in the pores along with aiding blood circulation. You can make fantastic peel offs using home ingredients like lemon, honey, papaya, milk, and charcoal.

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types

3. Hummum

An occasional spa treatment is a blessing for your skin. If possible, gift yourself a sauna bath once every one or two weeks. Hot water baths have been proven to be very effective in opening the pores, exfoliating effortlessly, and improving your skin’s overall health. The best part is that you can create a make-shift sauna at home for your face -- by simply boiling water, adding a drop or two of essential oils, and letting the steam work its magic on your skin. 

Ultimately, the glow on your skin, its soft supple nature, the natural shine are all features of a healthy skin. Aim for a healthy looking skin with the right skincare and see the difference in your beauty.

How to get your skincare right? Skincare guide for all skin types

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