Thursday 31 December 2015

Beauty Tips/Hacks series...

Just a few hours left and this year  is going to end tonight,so here am wishing you all a very HAPPY  AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2016. Sharing this year's last beauty tip with all of you, hope you would find this tip useful. Enjoy and have fun sweeties but do not forget to share your thoughts with me!

Beauty Tips/Hacks #3   To fix the ENLARGED PORES, you can try this face pack. This face pack is able to cleanse the skin as well as helps to minimize the enlarged pores significantly.

Add lemon juice and a little milk to oatmeal. Apply the paste evenly onto the skin and then keep it for 10 minutes. When it dries, wash off with water. Avoid this mask if there are any skin eruptions.

See you soon.