Friday 11 December 2015

How to get long beautiful eyelashes naturally? New Series- Beauty Tips/Hacks

As promised, I am starting this new series Beauty Tips/ Hacks on my blog from today itself! These tricks I have collected from my make-up artiste friends, self experience, books, peer, and last but not the least, internet guru. Most of the tips you might know, still I will post for those who are unaware of them. Hope these tricks help you all.

Beauty Tip 1 #

Do you want to have long beautiful eyelashes?? 

Then try this serum-
Take castor oil(2 tbsp), almond oil(1 tbsp) and Vitamin E (1 capsule). Mix them together and your serum is ready. Apply this serum on the lashes regularly to get the best results.

See you soon.

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