Tuesday 1 December 2015


Hello everyone,

 Today I am going to show you all my “The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box” subscribed product for November month. This is my first ever beauty box subscription from Nature’s and I’m really very excited to try my hands on them! I received this treasure box a couple of days back but got busy with some work so could not post then. Sorry.

The theme of the November month is ‘’Wintry bliss’’ and they have sent me all the sample sized products according to the theme. So thoughtful! Nature’s Co is well known for its Vegan friendly and environment friendly products. They believe that the secret to good health and beauty lies in pure nature. I have used Nature’s Co shampoo and conditioner in the past, they worked well for me. This beauty box contains 5 sample sized and 1 full size product. My beauty box comes under one month subscription category.

Subscription Type – 1 month subscription= 595.00
                                  3 months subscription= 1645.00
                                  6 months subscription= 3215.00
                                  Annual subscription= 5950.00

Delivery - at the END of every month.
For more information please visit their site link http://www.thenaturesco.com/Subcategory/beautywish-subscription/beauty-wish-box.aspx

Now let’s see the themed products...

  • Vanilla/ Peach Creme Body Wash: - Vanilla aahaaa!! Well the product says, it’s loaded with lots of nutrients which are essential for smooth, soft and supple skin. It also has nourishing properties which help retain skin elasticity, making it tighter and brighter. Okay, I think it is going to be a definitely good product for me in this winter season. Review on this coming soon.
  • Lavender Ylang - Ylang Body Butter: - Lavender softens, heals and protects dry skin while Ylang Ylang normalizes and soothes over-dry skin. In summer I sweat like a pig but during winter it’s totally opposite! So to counter the dry skin issue I hope this body butter is going to help me this time. Fingers crossed!
  • Kiwi Hand and Nail Cream:- This is what I was actually looking for! Kiwi Hand & Nail cream, a must have in this winter time. The way I play with water throughout the day while doing household chores, I’m in need of this badly! This is a full size product, thank God! Let’s see how it works for me.
  • Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub:- The product says, it sloughs away rough, dry and dead cells from your heels and soles. Moisturizes and softens the feet. I don’t have any cracked or rough heel issues, still I will use this product to see the added benefit if it has any!!

  • Vanilla-Vitamin E Face Cream:- Another vanilla variant! Wow. This cream is enriched with excellent antioxidant and relaxant properties to combat dry, itchy, irritated skin issues. A must try product for me as my skin starts behaving badly during winter season!
  • Green Apple Lip-balm:- I am literally a sucker of lip balm! Till date I have tried only rose, strawberry, cherry, honey, and mango flavours. But this time I got the chance to try Green apple. Cool! 
  • And all these products reached to me packed with a bubble wrap separately but contained in a cute little pouch. Let me show you this colourful bag.
So these are my products, which I have yet to try and I will come up with all the reviews very soon. Oh, along with this, I got a 35% discount gift voucher as a free gift.

Overall I’m happy but it would have impressed me more. Since they have provided two products from each category like from Body care range ‘Body wash & Body butter’, from hand and foot care range ‘Foot scrub & Hand and nail cream’. And one product each from Face and lip care range,  I wish they would have sent me one hair cleanser and face wash also keeping in mind this ‘Wintry bliss’ theme instead of foot scrub and body wash! Anyways, my wish never ends, the more the merrier for me always! Ha ha...

Hope you enjoyed my ‘Wintry bliss’ beauty products. Don’t forget to check my reviews on these!

See you soon.

How About TNC Beauty Box Products of Yours? Have You Received the Same Products or Different Variety? Do Share With Me In The Comment Section Below.

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