Tuesday 22 March 2016

7 Effective Ways Of Removing Holi Stains From Clothes

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Just within a few days, we are going to celebrate the arrival of spring with Holi, the festival of love, colour, delicious food and joy. On one side of mind, I am well prepared to protect my skin and hair but on the other hand, I am trying to put myself on the  reverse time machine remembering if there is any old bright dress I have in my closet to wear on Holi that I've forgotten now! While it is wise to wear an old dress on Holi so that you can throw it on the next day, but, what if you are accidentally caught in the office or outside your apartment? OUCH! those colour balloons will definitely colour your good attire and spoil your mood eventually.

Effective ways of removing Holi stains from clothes
Image source: Pixabay.com

So today I’m going to share with you the tried and tested methods of removing Holi stains from your outfits. I have tried to compile a few of experts' tips here in this post. Note down these and play Holi happily without worrying too much about the aftermath.

  • In a bucket, add boiled water and soak your holi stained dresses in it. Add ½ cup of sugar and allow it to cool. Now add detergent and wash your clothes normally.

  • Soak your holi coloured white dress in a bucket with full of warm water. Add non-chlorine bleach followed by the normal wash, as bleach is perfect to remove stains from white dresses. But be aware that do not mix chlorine and non-chlorine bleach together.

  • Remember, Bleach (chlorine) shouldn't be used for the coloured dresses as it will remove the entire colour. Make sure you are using non-chlorine/ fabric, colour safe bleach or laundry brighteners only.

  • Try to wash your Holi stained dresses as soon as possible. The more prompt you would be, the washing game would be much easier.

  • Lemons come in handy often. Try to rub some lemon juice on the stains and keep for some time. Gently scrub and follow with a normal wash.

  • In a bucket full of cold water, add ½ cup white vinegar and 1 tsp detergent. Now wash your dresses as usual. The acid trick does its stain removal job well.

  • You can use methylated spirits (alcohol) on the stains. Follow with a normal wash with cold water.

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Hope you find these tips useful.

Effective ways of removing Holi stains from clothes
Image source: Pixabay.com

See you soon.

Do You Have Any Other Idea Of Removing The Holi Stain From Clothes? Have You Ever Tried These Methods? Please Share With Me In the Comment Section Below.


  1. As is I don't play with colours. Great tips :)

  2. Lemon and vinegar both are mild bleaching agents and work well on many kind of stains. Nice tips!

  3. Wow, thats some awesome post. loved the tips

  4. These are amazizng tips Anamika :) I have bookmarked it forever :)

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