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How all of you have been? Well, todays topic is all about the best skin care tips for night shift employees or workers.

best skincare tips for night shift employees workers nbam blog

You may wonder why I have suddenly chosen this topic! Then let me tell you the reason first. In my past job life, I was associated with the media industry, which included night shift duty as well. Now doing a night shift job is not at all easy, as it always takes a toll on our body as well as skin. Mind you, the night shift workers are also prone to various health disorders than day shift workers, for example, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, hair loss, stress, mood swings, sleep disorders, and what not!!

(Originally published in 2015, Updated in March 2024)

Best skincare tips for nightshift workers:-

For my night shift duties, I would apply minimal makeup, like moisturiser eyeliner/kajallip balm, and a little face powder. Later, I noticed while on duty, my skin was getting dry, it would feel all dull and flaky. To get rid of the dryness and solve that issue, I started following a simple routine religiously right at the office during my duty time.

Practically, you might think that these things are impossible to do at office’’; my colleagues would make fun of me”! But hey remember, the word IMPOSSIBLE itself says that ‘I AM POSSIBLE! And who cares what other people think!! Its your body, and you have all the rights to take care of it in your own way. 

Skin Care Tips For Nightshift Employees:

  • First and foremost, cleanse your face & neck with a good face wash once you reach office (Use a moisturising one)
  • After that, use a heavy cream/oil-based night cream, as it will prevent the dryness. You can skip toner here, but if you wish, use a hydrating face mist before applying your moisturizer. (Oily skin people can use the water-based moisturiser, but here the purpose is to reduce the dryness)
  • For your hands and feet, use a heavy-duty body lotion to moisturise your skin. Make sure you apply it a couple of times to keep your skin well-moisturised
  • The most important thing is to stay hydrated all the time. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water while doing night shift duty
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks!
  • Avoid snacking habits!  If you feel hungry, then opt for some healthy snacks like granola bars or light crackers. Good for health and skin 
  • There are other symptoms also, like your skin and hair, may show up like wrinkles, chapped lips, and dry, brittle hair. Lip balm is a must-have with girls, and dont you dare to neglect your precious mane! Cover your hair with a scarf/dupatta/bandana or with whatever you have. But do not leave it open as AC will suck the moisturizer from hair too!
  • Most of our offices are air-conditioned that we enjoy a lot. However, the sad part is AC zaps out all the moisturizers from our body, leaving it to feel rough, dry, and dehydrated. The long exposure to AC can also damage your skin harshly 😕! 

best skincare tips for night shift employees and workers
Products that I used during my night-shift job! (OLD shot)

A Few Additional Tips For Nightshift Workers

  • Wear full sleeve dresses. Protective clothing is highly important to avoid dryness
  • Moisturise…moisturise...moisturise
  •  Try to raise the temperature of AC if possible
  • Ask the office boys to change the AC filters regularly (this sounds difficult, I know!)
  • A great way to minimize the dryness caused by AC is to put a bowl filled with water inside your department. This trick always works!
  • Try to take regular interval breaks and go out of your cabin. Move around your office for some time and then come back to your desk inside the AC room. It is a necessary step as well to protect your skin from dryness!

Post Nightshift skincare tips:

  • The next day, apply sunblock/sunscreen on your skin at least 10-15 minutes before you leave your office
  • Once you reach home, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice and take rest for 10 minutes. Then make your room sleep-friendly by blocking out the light from windows. You can use heavy, blackout noise-reducing curtains for better sleep
  • Meanwhile, follow the basic CTM routine, i.e., cleanse your skin followed by using a hydrating face mist and day cream to nourish your skin. Apply a good quality eye cream around your eye area and lip balm to moisturize your lips
  • Use lightweight or heavy-duty (whatever suits you) body lotion or butter for your skin
  • Last but not least, eat well before you take a good rest!

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best skincare tips for night shift employees and workers
Save for later!

I could follow all these steps at the office easily because it was convenient for me, and I got support from my colleagues, as well. Do try to reach the office early, at least a few minutes before your scheduled time. This way, you will be able to manage everything

Night shift jobs are interesting and lucrative as sometimes you are paid more than other shift workers in a few industries, but this job is also quite hard! I know that just for these skin issues, you cant quit your job since career is also important to you. Well, no worries, all you need to do is to follow these guidelines, take proper care of yourself, and enjoy your nightshift work.

See you soon ❤️

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  2. These are great tips Anamika :) When in night shift, you have to take care of your skin and heath a bit extra :) Loved the points :)

    1. Thank you so much Anubhuti :) Glad you liked the post.

    2. Thank you so much Anubhuti :) Glad you liked the post.

  3. Really useful post. I will always thank my stars for not giving me such opportunities to work at night. This would be so useful for those who work in Night shifts.

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  6. These are some great tips. Staying hydrated is so important. I haven't worked night shift, but I have worked later hours way past midnight often. Staying hydrated inside and out really helps in the long run.

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