Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Nature’s Co – Green Apple Lip balm, Peach Crème Body wash and Walnut Mint Foot scrub Review

Heylo everyone,

You know what I’m very happy and relaxed nowadays, reason? Oh yes at last almost after one year, I could visit my home with hubby, could see the happy faces of my parents! Due to shortage of my husband’s office leaves we couldn’t visit earlier there, not even celebrated my Dwiragoman ritual at that time(Dwiragoman/ Astomangala is a kind of Pag Phere ritual in our Bengali marriages, where after eight days of marriage bride visits her parent’s home accompanied by her husband. This marks the end of marriage ritual as well as it is a kind of formal introduction of groom to the bride’s family) instead we did this ritual at my in-laws place to end all the rituals related to marriage. Really it’s been a long time I have had such family fun.

Now coming to the main topic, today am reviewing the rest products of my Nature’s Co November beauty box 2015. Earlier I have reviewed Kiwi hand & nail cream, Vanilla Vitamin E face cream & Lavender Ylang Ylang body butter respectively. Keep reading to know more.
The Nature's Co products
Body wash,Lip balm And Foot Scrub 

My experience with Green Apple Lip balm:

Lip balm has always been my first love in makeup and would remain so. I admire it so much. Generally I prefer using non tinted lip balm at home while tinted one before heading outside.

The product says- 12 hour hydration formula that moisturizes, softens and heals chapped lips. It belongs to the Foressence range of The Nature’s Co. It claims to protect and provide soft, luscious, moisturized lips. I got a tub type sample sized product but it is available as lip pop now, which is really good for hygiene purpose and easy to carry along. The balm looks green in colour but when applied on the lip is transparent! The texture is thick wax type yet glides effortlessly on lips and has a fruity aroma.

In short, I would say this is affordable, all natural and an awesome lip smacking product. I use it sometimes underneath lipstick to prep the lips or just as a balm to moisturize the dry lips. Well After using it for a long time regularly even I do feel it makes lips soft though I had to reapply it after every 2-3 hrs and yes sensitive noses may find its smell overpowering.

Price: Rs. 295 for 5 ml (Full size).

The texture of Green Apple Lip balm
Green Apple Lip Balm

My experiences with Peach Crème Body wash:

The Peach Crème body wash belongs to Foressence range as well like the above said lip balm. The product says- it is loaded with lots of nutrients which are essential for smooth, soft and supple skin. While its antioxidant properties reverses signs of ageing making your skin young and glowing, it also helps retain skins elasticity making it tighter and brighter.

The body wash comes in a transparent tube with a movable cap. The texture is creamy, peach in colour and the consistency is neither thick nor thin. On application it releases the peach fruit fragrance, which is soothing and not overpowering. It does not lather much but cleanses skin effectively. The good thing is after a single wash it gives a squeaky clean skin leaving no residue behind.

Post usage it neither dried out my skin nor made it super soft. Since it’s a dry weather, I had to apply body lotion after shower. How far it is true to its reverse ageing claim, am not sure, I did not experience any such thing. But yes, with its regular use, my skin felt supple, clean and bright. Overall, it is a worthy product to try out.

Price: Rs. 995 for 250ml (Full size)        

The texture of Peach Creme body wash
Peach Creme Body Wash

 My experience with Walnut Mint Foot scrub:-

 The product says-it is a soothing natural fiber foot scrub that sloughs away the rough, dry, dead cells from your heels and soles. Walnut Mint foot scrub is the answer to dry, chapped feet. The mint invigorates while neem works to moisturize and soften your feet. Massage the micro walnut granules to easily and effectively remove dry and dead skin.

The scrub has a creamy texture with not so harsh micro granules in it. I needed to massage my feet with a good amount of it. It has a sweet minty fragrance but goes away in a very short time. The presence of peppermint gives a cooling sensation to the feet and makes it relaxed at the same time. I agree that with regular usage it made my feet softer and smoother by rubbing away the dead skin cells. Can’t say how it works on chapped feet as I don’t have that issue. 

Before this, I had used RevAyur foot scrub and liked it also. This Walnut mint scrub belongs to Earthborne range of The Nature’s Co. I do pedicure at home and used this scrub often just to pamper my feet followed by foot cream.

Price: Rs. 425 For 125 ml (Full size) 

Walnut Mint Foot scrub
Walnut Mint Foot Scrub

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Overall my experiences with all the Nature’s Co products that I have received in November 2015 beauty box were amazing. I love Nature’s Co products, as they are 100% Vegan and cruelty free. Amongst these three products I liked Foot scrub more. I will not repurchase any of these products as of now, simply because I want to try their other variants too before sticking to one.

Hope you find this review helpful. Thank you. 
Have You Tried Any Of These Nature’s Co Products Yet? If Yes, Then Please Share Your Experience With Me In The Comment Section Below.


  1. I have not tried these products. It's sound amazing :) nice review anamika.

    1. Yes these are amazing, try these products at least once if possible :) Thank you dear...

  2. I want to try nature's co maybe will subscribe once for beauty wish box. Great review Anamika :)

  3. haven't tried anything from this brand yet but these products sound great......nice review :)

  4. I've recently started using Nature's Co products and I love them. Nicely reviewed.

  5. I would purchase the lipbalm just for the packaging also :P So cute... the shower gel is costly though but the walnut mint scrub sounds a winner :)

    1. Yeah correct,loved the foot scrub :) And you know the lip balm packaging is changed now,it is available as lip pop now! Thank you:)

    2. Thank you for the update :)

  6. Green apple sounds so fresh!