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Hello everyone,
Hope all of you are doing great 😍! Today, I am going to talk about two amazing face washes from a cruelty-free, all natural Indian brand. I shall be reviewing Orange Splash Face Wash and Tomato Face Wash from the house of Aroma Essentials. Orange Splash is for dry, pigmented skin & Tomato one is made for oily to combination skin. So, if you want to know more about these face washes, please keep reading!

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash and Tomato Face Wash Review

Product Description:

Orange Splash Face Wash: Helps in skin lightening, citric acid balances the pH level of the skin.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash

Tomato Face Wash: Unclogs pores. Tomatoes contain high amounts of antioxidants that help in adding collagen to the skin and prevent skin from sagging.

Aroma Essentials Tomato  Face Wash Review
Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash


Category: Face Wash
Skin Type: Orange Splash (Dry skin), Tomato (Oily – combination)
Price & Quantity: Orange(RS.205 for 60ml) Tomato (205/, 60ml)
Shelf Life: Six Months
Availability: Buy from here


Orange Splash: Orange Juice, Essential Oils

Ingredients of Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash: Ingredients & Direction

Tomato Face Wash: Tomato pulp, Strawberry Pulp, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rosewood

Ingredients and direction of Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash
Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash: Ingredients & Direction


Directions For Use:

Wet face, apply 1 gm cleanser (peanut size) & massage all over face. Rinse with water.

My Experience With Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash & Tomato Face Wash:


(My Skin Type: Combination, Dehydrated and Acne-prone)

I have already reviewed Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Mask and facial serums earlier on my blog. Now, it’s time to review their face washes which I have finished long back but as usual, I forgot to write about them. I seriously need to do meditation regularly to boost my memory 😜.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash

Packaging of Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash



Aroma Essentials Orange Splash face wash and Tomato face wash, both come in transparent plastic bottles with white flip top caps. There is an inner lid to prevent spillage while travelling as well as if you remove that lid, the product comes out easily through the opening onto your palm. The necessary info related to products are all labelled on the packaging itself. Overall, the packaging is travel-friendly and easy to use.

Aroma Essentials Tomato  Face Wash For Oily and Combination Skin
Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash


Orange Splash Face Wash – Texture & Performance:

Staying true to its name, this face wash literally mimics orange puree and releases the same orange fruity fragrance. It has a soft, smooth gel type texture with a semi-thick consistency that’s easy to apply on the skin. I needed only a little amount of this face wash to cleanse my skin every day. This 60ml product lasted me for about 2 months approx.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash For Dry & Pigmented Skin

Since this face wash is completely natural and is infused with essential oils, it does not produce lather at all. After slathering the product all over my wet face and neck, I used to massage my skin (as directed) until the product gets absorbed into the skin. This face massage process takes a little time, of course, but it’s so worth it!! Post massage, I would rinse my skin with tepid water.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash For Dry & Pigmented Skin
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash

We all know that orange juice does wonders for our skin. The presence of vitamin C in orange helps in lightening the skin by removing tanning & blemishes and also gives a nice healthy glow to the skin. I experienced the same with this Orange Splash face wash. When applied it imparts a cooling sensation to the skin, feels so refreshing! It thoroughly cleanses the skin leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and bright after each usage.

It was winter when I started using this orange splash yet I didn’t need to run for toner/moisturizer immediately after cleansing, unlike other face washes. I could notice from the 2nd/3rd usages that it reduced the tanning and pigmentations significantly which was clearly visible. It neither caused breakouts nor did it irritate my skin ever. This moisturizing face wash is perfect for dry to combination skin and winters.

Rating: 5/5


Tomato Face Wash – Texture & Performance:

It is another gem product from this brand Aroma Essentials. I started using this face wash after finishing the orange splash one. I chose to use this product later intentionally because I wanted to see how it would act during the humid summer season. Why? It’s because this face wash is meant for oily and combination skin and my skin tends to behave a bit oily during summers.

Texture of Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash

The texture and application procedure is same as that of Orange Splash Face Wash. The massage technique rejuvenates the skin as well as it feels relaxing although the session is for only 2-3 minutes! For each usage, all you need is a peanut sized product onto your palm. On some days, I needed to use a little more product to remove the leftover makeup residues. Yes, even though I use separate makeup remover, I always follow it by washing my face with regular face wash.

Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash For Oily & Combination Skin
Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash

Coming to its effect, this does a great job in removing impurities whilst gently cleansing the skin. Post cleansing, it provides you with a clear, glowing skin with no traces of oiliness. Of course, it’s not a moisturizing face wash yet it didn’t dry out my skin, which is amazing 😊! It also keeps shine at bay for a good period of time. With its continuous usage, I have seen a considerable improvement in my skin like no dullness, less acne & skin issues. It didn’t cause any breakouts either. This is indeed a great pick for oily and combination skinned beauties.

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Rating: 5/5

The noticeable differences between these two face washes are

  • Tomato face wash smells stronger than the Orange Splash one!
  • When I had dry patches around my mouth, tomato face wash used to sting my skin immediately upon application 😞. I don’t know what the exact reason was (might be due to Vitamin C or essential oils) but thankfully the irritation would subside after a while! However, I didn’t feel the same with Orange Splash face wash. 


  • Both are natural and handmade
  • Excellent cleansers/ face washes
  • Both have a nice aroma
  • The texture of both the face washes is great for smooth application
  • No breakouts
  • They improve skin texture
  • They provide soft, glowing, tan-free skin
  • Eradicates dullness
  • They do not strip your skin of natural oils
  • They do not clog pores, absolutely non-comedogenic
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Cruelty-free

Minus Points:

I couldn’t find any negative point as such!

To conclude,

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash and Tomato Face Wash both are fabulous facial cleansers. If orange splash keeps your dry, dehydrated skin perfectly balanced and moisturised, then Tomato face wash is your best weapon to combat the oiliness and dullness. However, my heart is little biased towards Orange Splash face wash as off late I have been liking those cleansers which are hydrating in nature mostly.

In short,

Orange Splash is a moisturizing face wash, great for dry & pigmented skin

Tomato one is perfect balancing face wash for oily and combination skin

Highly recommended from my side 😍.

Aroma Essentials Tomato and Orange Splash Face Wash Review
Aroma Essentials Tomato and Orange Splash Face Wash

Hope you found the review helpful 😊

See you soon 💗

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