Tuesday 26 February 2019

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion: Review, Discount Coupon & Other Details

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Hope all of you are having a great time. Today I am going to review Cocoa & Shea Butter body lotion for extra dry skin from the house of Indian brand SSCPL Herbals. To know more about this moisturizer, keep scrolling down!

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion: Review, Discount Coupon & Other Details


Product Description:

Care and protect your extra dry skin! Enriched with antioxidant and healing properties of Olive that help improve skin elasticity and repair skin damage from exposure to the sun. The super soothing Cocoa Butter and nourishing Shea Butter prevent moisture loss and keep your skin hydrated. Almond oil helps reverse prevent signs of ageing by renewing skin cells, reduce inflammation, itching and redness of the skin.

SSCPL herbals cocoa & shea butter body lotion review on Natural beauty And Makeup blog
SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion

About the brand:

SSCPL Herbals India began its journey in the year 2002 with a clear understanding of the need to provide an all-inclusive range of herbal products essential to look after the health, hygiene and beauty of every individual. The carefully formulated products after a precise study of the properties of various natural herbs and their beneficial effects when given in an apt combination, helps to address almost any and every type of skin problem. (Source)


Category: Body Lotion
Types of Skin: For Extra Dry Skin
Price & quantity: INR 150 for 200ml
Available: Buy from here
Shelf Life: 2 years from MFG


Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Almond oil, Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Olive Oil, Glycerine, DMDM-Hydantoin, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Disodium EDTA, Sorbic Acid, Triethanolamine, Fragrance, Aqua

How to use:

Make sure your palms and the skin area to be moisturised is clean and dry. Dispense required quantity of lotion on your palm and spread it evenly on the skin area. Always use a light coat of lotion while applying. More is not better. Use a circular motion to massage until the lotion is completely absorbed.

My Experience With SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion:

(My Body Skin Type: Dry, Dehydrated)

I have been using this body lotion for the last two months so thought this is the right time to share my views with all of you. SSCPL Herbals have five different variants in their body lotion range, I got Cocoa & Shea Butter lotion 😊.

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion Packaging

Product Packaging:

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter lotion comes in an opaque, plastic white coloured bottle secured with a green coloured flip top cap. The cap shuts tight hence no leakage and is travel-friendly too. All details related to the product are neatly printed on the packaging.

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion Review


Product Texture:

The texture of this Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion is creamy with a semi-thick, smooth consistency. It has a mild and pleasant herbal fragrance but the smell doesn’t linger for a long time!


How I use:

I take a generous amount of this body lotion on my palm and then apply it on the skin area like hands, neck and other body parts.

Product Performance:

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Body Lotion glides effortlessly on the skin without leaving any greasy feel. It gets absorbed by the skin instantly which I love the most. Although it is formulated mainly with cocoa & shea butter, it feels extremely light on the skin and also keeps my skin moisturized for a good 5-6 hours. Reapplication is needed if you spend long hours in an air-conditioned room and during winters.

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Body Lotion For Extra Dry Skin

As far as ingredients are concerned, this body lotion is packed with powerful nourishing components to achieve smooth and soft skin. At the same time, it contains not-so-skin-loving ingredients like- DMDM-Hydantoin (formaldehyde-releasing preservative), Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) & CMIT (common antibacterial preservatives that contain neurotoxic properties), Fragrance (Phthalates), TEA (pH adjuster) etc. Since all these chemicals are placed at the end of the list, the quantity would be pretty less as compared to good ingredients!

Post usage, my skin feels super soft and smells so nice. I wish the smell lasted longer on my skin! The combination of oils and butter have worked wonders for my skin and the result is quite visible. My body skin type is rough and parched throughout the year and in winters, it gets worse! So I am always on the lookout for good lightweight, hydrating body care products and good news, Cocoa & Shea Butter body lotion just fits the bill 😍!!

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Plus Points:

  • Contains Botanical extracts of Cocoa & Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Olive oil
  • Non-greasy body lotion
  • Lightweight moisturizer
  • Has a mild, pleasant fragrance
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Super affordable
  • Easy to use, hygienic
  • Paraben & Mineral Oil free
  • Made from 100% Vegetarian ingredients
  • Travel-friendly packaging


Minus Points:

  • The smell doesn't linger long for a long time!
  • Reapplication is needed!


NBAM Rating: 4.9/5

To conclude,

SSCPL Herbals Cocoa & Shea Butter Body Lotion is a non-greasy, lightweight nourishing potion that moisturizes the skin pretty well. The product says, it is formulated especially for extra dry skin types, however, I would say this lotion is amazing for all skin types! Oily skin beauties would love this product during winters whereas normal to dry skinned people can use it throughout the year.

This body lotion is my favourite so I highly recommended it to everyone. If you are looking for a non-sticky and hydrating moisturizer for your skin, do give this lotion a shot!

Save It For Later

My loving NBAM family, now you can get this amazing product at an incredible price! Go to SSCPL Herbals website, use my code CSBL15 and get whooping 15% discount on not just this product but ANY body lotion of your choice. However, the minimum cart value is INR 500 & you can redeem this discount coupon only if you have added a body lotion to your cart! The offer is valid for ONE MONTH, so HURRY!

Also, they often run interesting campaigns on their website, participate and stand a chance to win exciting products😍!

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*PR Sample but my opinions are 100% honest and my own

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  1. I tend to favor shea butters especially living in the PNW in winter. My skin gets so dry and I love these ingredients

    1. Shea butter is so good for dry skin! Thank you so much :)

  2. I am going to try to find this lotion. It sounds really good. I love shea butter.

    1. You can get this online :) Thank you so much dear <3

  3. Ooh this product sounds so awesome! We have really cold dry winters where I live so this would be perfect to keeps our skin healthy!

  4. This looks a great product especially for my dry skin!

    1. Yes, it's really great for dry skin! You can use this in summers too, it's absolutely non-sticky:)

  5. I love using a cocoa butter based lotion. I'll have to check this one out as it sounds like it's perfect for me!

    1. Oh wow, then you must give this one a shot! Thank you so much :)

  6. This looks like a great brand of lotion! My son and I get terribly dry skin during the colder months so I'll have to give this a try and see how it does. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The downside of this lotion is that reapplication is needed! Otherwise it's so good as a moisturizing lotion :)Thanks for visiting <3

  7. I love that it has Shea Butter. I need a little extra help with my dry, cracked winter skin. This looks like a great match.

    1. You can try this body lotion for your dry skin :) Thank you so much <3

  8. Looks like a nice product. I love everything with cocoa butter.


  9. I've never heard of this product before - sounds like it worked wonders! I'll have to give it a go :) x