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Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face lotion Review | SPF 30 + UVA/UVB

Hello everyone,
Today, I’ll be reviewing Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face Lotion for all of you. This moisturizer features SPF 30, provides UVA/UVB protection and is geared towards all skin types. So to know more about this Biotique face lotion, keep reading!

Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face Lotion with SPF 30+ Review on NBAM Blog

About Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face Lotion:

About Biotique Ultra Soothing Face Lotion

*Organically pure & preservative free *Dermatologist tested for safety 
*No animal testing



Category: Moisturizer/ Face Lotion with SPF 30 UVA/UVB
Skin types: All skin types
Price & quantity: INR 199 for 120ml (price may vary)
Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of Mfg. (and 12months when you open the seal)
Available: online and at the beauty stores across India

Ingredients of Biotique Ultra Soothing Face Lotion:

Ghrit kumari pulp, Meethi seed, Madhu, Ankurit gehun oil, Kusumbhi oil, Chinai ghas gel, Moongphali oil, Purified water- Q.S.

About Nectar

My Experience With Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face Lotion:

{My skin type: Combination, Sensitive, Dehydrated and acne-prone (PCOD)}

In the past, I did try a few Biotique Skin care and hair care products but they couldn’t impress me. Last year after reading a lot of positive reviews about this Morning Nectar face lotion, I decided to give it a try.

Review of Biotique Ultra Soothing Face lotion With SPF 30+ UVA/UVB For All Skin Types, NBAM blog
Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face Lotion

Product Packaging:

Morning Nectar face lotion comes in an elongated, white coloured, opaque plastic container secured with a tight screw cap. The outer carton packaging, as well as the product itself, bear all product related information. The cap shuts tightly thus travel-friendly.

Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face lotion Review SPF 30 + UVA/UVB, NBAM blog
Biotique Ultra Soothing Face Lotion

Product Texture:

Biotique morning nectar ultra soothing face lotion is rich creamy in texture and has a thick consistency. It has a mild herbal scent to it.

Texture of Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face lotion, review on NBAM Blog

Product Performance: 

Biotique has a variety of moisturizers for adults under its Morning Nectar range. The key ingredients are almost the same in all the moisturizers – pure honey, wheatgerm, and seaweed.

I have their ultra soothing face lotion which has a creamy texture & thick consistency but gets applied smoothly on the skin. Don’t go by the tag LOTION as it has a thick consistency, unlike runny liquid lotions. It requires applying only a pea-sized quantity of this lotion to moisturize my face & neck after cleansing and toning. The lotion takes some time to get absorbed into the skin. It feels a little heavy and greasy on my skin hence I didn't find it great for the summer season and stopped using it. However, last year, when the mercury level got down, again I started using this moisturizer. And as I believed, it truly saved my dry skin last winter.😍

Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face Lotion With SPF 30 + For all skin types review on NBAM
Biotique Ultra Soothing Face Lotion

Biotique face lotion claims to hydrate and protect your skin from the sun damage; credit goes to the presence of SPF 30+ (UVA/UVB protection) in it. Yet whenever I step out of the house, I layer up my Neutrogena Sunblock over this lotion; otherwise it’s a good daily wear moisturizer.

It makes the skin bright, supple, nourished and also keeps skin soft for a long time. Regarding fairness claim, I didn’t experience as such but it certainly imparts a glow. Nonetheless, this moisturizer would be a great pick for the dry and sensitive skin people as it doesn’t cause any acne, non-irritating, plus, doubles up as a body moisturizer!

What I Like About Biotique Ultra Soothing Face Lotion:
  • Amazing hydrating moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Great for dry to normal, sensitive skin
  • Has an SPF 30+, UVA/UVB protection power
  • Only a little amount is needed for each use so lasts long
  • Has a mild soothing aroma
  • Nourishes the skin really well, brings glow!
  • Doubles up as a body moisturizer
  • Preservatives free
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Travel-friendly

What I Dislike About Biotique Ultra Soothing Face Lotion:
  • Feels a bit heavy on the skin!
  • Not suitable for oily skin at all!

NBAM Rating: 4.8/5

In short,
My skin loves every bit of this Biotique Morning Nectar Face Lotion SPF 30+; but only during the cold, winter season as my combination skin becomes severely dry at that time. I prefer using lightweight, non-greasy moisturisers during the summer time. Even though this lotion feels heavy, it never caused any acne or irritations on my sensitive skin and that’s a huge relief!

Pin Image of Biotique Morning Nectar Ultra Soothing Face lotion, NBAM blog

If you are looking for a heavy-duty moisturizer with SPF in the form of lotion for your dry, sensitive skin, then you must try this product! 😉

See you soon 💗

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