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Product Empties – PART 2 || Beauty & Makeup

Hey folks,
After a long time, I am back with another beauty and makeup “Product Empties” post today. Here, I shall also be talking about which products did really impress me and which couldn’t live up to my expectation. So to know more about them, keep scrolling down!

Beauty & Makeup Product Empties, part 2, 2019, Review of Maybelline Hyper Sharp 0.01mm Liner Black Review on NBAM blog

Before I start writing about the products, let me tell you that all the products (as shown below) are my OLD empties, not recent ones! I have finished them long back but as always forgot to hit the publish button of “Empties Post” series on my website. I promise, am going to be serious from now on and will keep publishing this series in a timely manner.

NOTE: I have already reviewed the maximum of them on my blog so adding their links in the title of the products to help you more. You can click the link and check out their detailed reviews.


Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Sharp 0.01mm Liner BLACK

The hyper sharp eyeliner with 0.01mm ultra-refined tip in the black shade was my first pen eyeliner and that too from my favourite brand Maybelline. I still remember how much research I did before buying this liquid liner in pen style with a stabilizer brush tip. I wanted a decent pen liner within budget and this hyper sharp liner looked just perfect.

Maybelline EyeStudio Hyper Sharp 0.01mm Liner Black Review, swatches, EOTD on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog. MINI REVIEW.
Maybelline Hyper Sharp 0.01mm Liner with a brush tip, Black shade

With the help of its fine 0.01mm brush tip, you can create several eye looks from bold, winged to ultra-thin, precise lines. The colour is not jet black but it stayed for a long time on the eyelids. Also, the hyper sharp liner is smudge-proof, water resistant and has no fragrance. Once applied it gives a beautiful semi-matte finish and can be easily removed by Vaseline or any makeup remover. I finished it long back and absolutely enjoyed using this pen liner on my eyes. But like all felt-tip pen liners, this eyeliner also dries up fast so the product doesn’t last long! Not sure if it’s still available in the market but is a great pick for the beginners!

This jet black mascara with creamy formula is absolutely suitable for those who are NOT after the dramatic eyelashes effect. Hence it’s perfect for beginners and for everyday wear. The mascara feels light on the lashes but doesn’t add any length or intense volume to the lashes, unlike the claim. I don’t think I’ll buy this mascara again!

Product Empties- part 2, Revlon 051 Blackest Black Waterproof Ultra Volume Mascara, Anamika Chattopadhyaya, Beauty Review, NBAM blog
Revlon 051 Blackest Black Mascara


I was using Gulsha Rose water continuously till January 2019. I so love this product. But then I had to try other rosewaters as well!  I purchased Forest Essentials Rosewater during my last India trip and have been using it since then. Gulsha ultimate rosewater is suitable for all skin types but it’s the best for dry, dehydrated skin!

Product Empties-Part 2, Gulsha Ultimate Rosewater For Dry Skin, Mini Review,NBAM blog
Gulsha Ultimate Rosewater

In 2017, I got an opportunity to try all natural & handmade skincare products from the UK brand Atlantis Skincare. I received Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Cleansing Milk, Toner, Day Cream, Eye Cream and Velvet Skin Night Elixir. My combination to dry, dehydrated skin loved each product made by Zane, the maker of Atlantis Skincare products. If you are living in cold regions or spend maximum hours in Air-conditioned environment then you must give these products a try! 

Product Empties-Part 2, Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Toner, Cleansing Milk, Eye Cream, Velvet Skin Night Elixir Review On NBAM blog
Atlantis Skincare  Kit

Those who have been following me for a long time, they probably know how much I love lip balms. When it comes to lip balms, I don’t mind spending my money but who doesn’t love affordable beauty stuff? Palmer’s flip balm is an effective lip balm that keeps your dry lips hydrated for a long period of time and is quite pocket-friendly. I didn’t like the packaging though!

Product Empties-Part 2, Palmer's Flip Balm Juicy Watermelon Lip Balm On NBAM Blog
Palmer's Flipbalm Juicy Watermelon

Summer is knocking at the door and it’s high time you should start buying lightweight body lotions. Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser body lotion is not free of chemicals and gets over pretty quickly! It is the perfect year-round body moisturizer for oily to normal skin, however, dry skin people will like it using only in summers. The lotion gets easily absorbed into the skin, feels refreshing and smells nice!

Product Empties-Part2, Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Deep Restore on NBAM Blog
Vaseline Spray Moisturiser Deep Restore

Last year, in 2018 when I was in India, I was given an opportunity to try Aroma Essentials all natural skincare and hair care products. The owner Madhurima was kind enough to send her products as per my skin and hair types. I received Aroma Essentials Insta Clear Mask, Argan facial serums,  Hair Growth Blend, Saffron Mask, Tomato & Orange Splash Face Washes. Each product worked amazingly on my skin but to be honest, Orange Splash face wash and saffron mask have a special place in my heart. They both along with Insta Clear mask helped in removing the tanning and pigmentation and improved the skin texture! The hair oil didn’t do anything for hair growth but reduced my hair fall to an extent. I look forward to trying their onion hair mask now, have read so many good reviews about it!

Product Empties- Part 2, Aroma Essentials Tomato & Orange splash facewash, Argan Day & Night Serum, Insta Clear & Saffron Mask, Hair Growth Bleand empties on NBAM blog
Aroma Essentials Skin & Haircare kit

This is undoubtedly my favourite night cream but unfortunately not available anymore in Hong Kong.  98% ingredients of this night cream are natural and it is so soothing on the skin. This nutriganics smoothing night cream is best for oily and sensitive skin beauties. Dry skin people need to apply a good hydrating toner before using this night cream on the skin. Best for summer!

Product Empties-Part 2, The Body Shop Nutriganics smoothing night cream review on NBAM blog
The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream

I purchased this night cream after Nutriganic one got finished and totally fell in love with it! This aloe soothing night cream is extremely gentle on the sensitive skin and also never broke out my skin. This has an alcohol & preservatives free formula which helps keep your skin soothed and moisturized without irritating the skin. However, oily skin people won’t like it for its greasy feel! 

Product Empties – PART 2, The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream for dry skin ON NBAM blog
The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream 

You people have seen me, I always praise The Nature’s Co brand for their amazing hair care products. I absolutely loved using this watercress hair cleanser and Nori hair conditioner. They both worked great! I am currently using their Sandalwood shampoo, will share my thoughts on it soon. If you are looking for a natural shampoo and conditioner for your hair, you can check out these products.

Product Empties – PART 2, The Nature's Co Watercress Shampoo and Nori Hair Conditioner on NBAM blog
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Conditioner & Watercress Shampoo

This was my first shampoo from this Indian herbal brand Rustic Art. It is free of sulphates and parabens and cleanses hair really well. This shampoo is great for fine, oily hair but dry hair types need to follow it with a good hair conditioner. Sadly, this shampoo didn’t live up to my level of expectation, will not repurchase it!

Product Empties – PART 2 , Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo Review on NBAM Blog, Beauty Blog
Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo

I tried two variants of Natrapari shower gels. One is Honey-Chinese Rose and the other is Lavender-Verbena. They both have a strong fragrance and gel type texture. They cleanse the body nicely without leaving any slippery feeling to the skin. I absolutely enjoyed using these pocket-friendly, moisturizing shower gels!

Product Empties – PART 2, NATRAPARI chinese rose & honey, lavender & verbena body wash review on NBAM Blog
Natrapari Body Wash

So these are my not-so-recent product empties. A few of these are my favourites & would keep repurchasing them until I find something better. However, being a beauty blogger we have to try new products as well for the review purpose. I feel in a way, it’s a good thing and I love doing experiments.

Product Empties – PART 2 || Beauty & Makeup on NBAM Blog, Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog

I will try to publish my next product empties blog post soon. I have a tendency to throw away empty bottles without taking any pictures of them 😜. Hence I could publish only two empties posts so far on my blog, but better late than never. Please bear with me!

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  1. I'm glad you wrote you won't buy that mascara again. It's definitely one I've been debating but I love dramatic lashes, so don't think it's quite for me.

    1. Yes, such an important factor to consider before buying a mascara! Thank you 💕

  2. I think with all of these, I could use the moisturizing spray because that would make it easy. But even more, the Rustic Art Delight Biodegradable Aloe Shampoo because oily and fine hair describes mine exactly!

    1. The shampoo is perfect for your hair type it seems 😍 Thanks ☺

  3. From your list, I have only tried the Vaseline Intensive Care and I love it. I would love to try the body shop night cream, I wonder if it is available in Malaysia.

    1. I think I spotted the night cream at one of the TBS outlets in Kuala Lumpur! You can check out the branches ☺

  4. I am not fond of any products as such and do not use anything on my skin. I prefer washing my face with ice water to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. Shampoo and Body wash would be my pick.

    1. I was the same till 2015! I took my skincare seriously when I started doing makeup, you know! Now with PCOD, more strict regime 😐 Which one is your favourite hair cleanser? 😍

  5. I love your picks. The Revlon Ultra Volume is great stuff. I use it all the time.

  6. Some really interesting products you used! I would love to try those Aloe vera creams by The Body shop!

  7. I love the vaseline product and the body soap! I use them all the time and they are great quality products

  8. The vaseline Intensive care lotion has been my favorite since high school days. glad you liked it too.

  9. I love trying out different body wash. Would like to try the one listed here. Sounds good!

    1. Yes, that Natrapari body wash is great 😍 Thanks!

  10. I think I would be the most curious about the essential hair oils. I love the scent and the fact it's all natural ingredients. I can see why you would be interested in the mask.

    1. That Aroma Essentials Hair Growth oil is amazing indeed! Thanks ☺

  11. I love discovering new beauty products. These all look and sound great! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yeah Lifestyle29 May 2019 at 12:42

    I love reading empties posts like this! It is so good to be able to see what products you have liked and disliked.

  13. You have finished quite a lot of products recently. I am intrigued by the rose water, I would like to try it as well.

  14. Love how in depth you go. I'll be sure to update my wife

  15. That watermelon lip balm sounds like it would be perfect for the summer months. Looking forward to your next empties post.

    1. That lip balm is amazing, I so loved it 😍 Thanks ☺

  16. I love reading empty product blogposts and youtube videos. It really shows what people really love using.

  17. wow guess i wont be getting this mascara either! glad I read this!

  18. Thanks for sharing these useful makeup recommendations. I have forwarded this to my partner.

  19. Replies
    1. You will love the products from this range ☺ Thanks 💕

  20. What a nice empties roundup. The Body Shop Smoothing Night Cream sounds really nice. I'll have to look into that one for sure.

    1. The smoothing night cream is amazing 😍 Thank you 💕