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Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin & Health During Rainy Season (MONSOON SPECIAL)

Happy Monsoon, everyone,

People who know me well and read my blog regularly, know that I love the rain. I love doing the rain dance, love the smell of soothing earthy scent after the rain and also like watching that misty sky; in short, I enjoy the rain😍. However, the weirdest part is that I don’t like this time of the year at all although I was born during Monsoon! Yeah, I know I’m sounding quite odd but that’s me😐 Trust me, I do have valid reasons for having this love & hate relationship with the rainy season. This is the season when my facial skin behaves bizarrely; hair becomes lacklustre and greasy to the power of nth, leave alone feet!! Grr 😑

Monsoon is generally characterised by a season with high level of humidity in the air, cool dusty winds along with obvious downpours. On oily skin, the humid weather causes excess sebum production that easily attracts dirt and impurities which eventually clogs the pores leading to skin breakouts. Again sometimes the same humidity dehydrates the skin making it look dull and stretchy. Remember, it is always advisable to change our skin & hair care regimen according to the changing seasons. I have already shared a post dedicated to monsoon haircare tips and today, I shall be talking about how we can take good care of our skin and health during monsoons😊

I completely agree with this saying- “Prevention is better than cure”. Humid weather makes skin dull and lifeless; hence following appropriate regime during this season would be best suggestible. By the way, my skin type is combination; but during this season, it becomes sometimes super oily and sometimes dry & dehydrated. Monsoon effect, I know!

Facial Skincare 

A proper skin care regimen starts with following a proper CTM routine designed for every skin type.

Cleansers: The main purpose of cleansers is to clean the skin by removing the excess oil without stripping the skin of moisture. So select a mild, gentle cleanser for daily use and cleanse your skin at least twice a day to get rid of excess oil and dirt. Oily skin beauties must opt for oil-free cleansers while the cream-based cleansers/makeup removers are good for dry skin. Combination skin beauties should try anti-bacterial cleansers that are not harsh on the skin.

Scrub: Exfoliation is another important step in our skincare regime but this need to be done only twice to thrice a week depending on our skin type. A mild scrub will work great in removing the dead skin cells including blackheads/whiteheads, providing a fresh & cleansed skin. I personally prefer homemade scrubs, they are gentle yet effective.  

Toner: Toning is an immediate must-do step followed by face cleansing and scrubbing. Open pores attract dirt and impurities causing breakouts, so using a mild toner helps close the pores, tightens up and maintains the pH level of the skin. Make sure you are using the right kind of toner for your skin. Dry skin beauties can try rose water whereas oily skin beauties must try anti-bacterial toners like Tea-Tree. Alcohol-free toners must be used by everyone throughout all the seasons.

Moisturisers or Serums: No matter whether you have a dry skin or oily skin, moisturising the skin is a must. Never skip this step at any cost. Opt for lightweight, water-based serum or moisturiser during this season that’ll allow the skin to breathe but at the same time delivers the proper hydration. Try to avoid using heavy moisturising products especially during the day time.

Sunscreen: Even if it’s not raining, never step outside without slathering a good amount of sunscreen! Do you want to damage your skin, NO right? Then go for matte finish gel type sunscreen with an SPF of minimum 50 for oily skin and slightly cream-based, hydrating one for dry skin beauties. Non-Comedogenic sunscreen is highly suggested.

Face packs: Not a necessary step but refreshing of course! To get a soft, bright and radiant skin we rely on face masks or packs always. Clay-based face packs are excellent for oily skin to cleanse the pores while moisturising face packs are great for dry skin beauties. To banish the dullness, one can try out some detoxifying and anti-aging face masks. I have a combination skin and I find homemade face packs are way effective than the ready-made ones.

Lips: How can we neglect our pouts? To get luscious lips, we just need to follow two things- scrubbing and moisturising. Scrubbing will help in eliminating the dead skin cells while a nourishing lip balm would help combat chapped lips. I personally prefer non-tinted lip balms at night and tinted balms enriched with SPF for the day time.

Eyes: Let’s not forget that wrinkles and fine lines first appear near the eyes only. Most importantly, if we avoid treating this for a long time, the ageing signs would soon show up on our face. Summer, monsoon or winter, no matter what the season is you must not avoid your eye creams. Start taking care of your under-eye bags and puffiness issues soon, if you have any! For the cooling relaxation of the eyes, you can easily try some homemade diys that will take away all the tiredness in a jiffy.

Some General Skincare Tips

Use non-soapy shower gels or body wash followed by an alcohol-free body mist
Apply lightweight body lotion on the skin, preferably with an SPF if you are going to spend time outdoor
During monsoon, heavy makeup is huge NO-NO. Go for light and waterproof makeup
Try to avoid bleaching during this season as it may aggravate the skin woes!
Cleanse and exfoliate your hands and feet as soon as you reach home. Apply a nourishing cream afterwards. Antibacterial, therapeutic Foot soak is a great way to pamper your tired feet followed by a massage. End with applying a good foot spray and cream before hitting the bed
Regular pedicure and manicure along with waxing is great for a clean and fresh look
Wear open shoes as much as possible that are specifically designed for monsoon season. Nowadays, you can find a plethora of fantastic waterproof shoes in the market, buy them and enjoy HAPPY FEET 😎 Oh! Don’t forget to wash your feet with tepid water to prevent the spread of germs
Make sure you are carrying an umbrella or raincoat with yourself so that rainwater cannot touch your skin and hair! (Silly point πŸ˜› )

Health is wealth

Monsoon is that time of the year when our body is more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. Water-borne and air-borne diseases like diarrhoea, flu, indigestion problems, jaundice are common during this season. To improve our immune system and fight the viral infection, we need to follow certain things, such as- 

πŸ‘‰In this season, it’s suggested to wash all the fruits, vegetables and green leaves either with antibacterial solution or plain lukewarm water before consuming
πŸ‘‰We must drink plenty of water to keep our body hydrated
πŸ‘‰Fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients, Vitamin D and packed with powerful anti-oxidants are great for this season. Even drinking fresh fruit juice or warm green tea is equally a good option.
πŸ‘‰Avoid junk food and uncooked food as much as possible       
πŸ‘‰Keep your house clean and disinfected to avoid viral infections
πŸ‘‰Try to keep your body warm and never walk barefooted in this season
πŸ‘‰Reduce the intake of salty food and increase the consumption of high-fiber foods to prevent all sorts of flu & digestive problems
πŸ‘‰At last, try to be active and stress-free – mantra of a good healthy life and skin!

Well, I reckon now you people have got a fair idea regarding health and skin care during this season! So follow these basic tips and fend off the monsoon blues πŸ’—

Hope you find this post helpful.

Do You Have Any Other Idea Apart From These Tips? Please Share With Me In the Comment Section Below.

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