Tuesday 26 November 2019

Review: Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001

Hi everyone,
Hope all of you are enjoying this festive season!  Today, I am going to review Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal in jet black 001 shade. I purchased this kajal along with Nykaa 03 enchanting forest green eyeliner from the Nykaa store and have been using them for the past few months. To know more about this jet black kajal, keep scrolling down!

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001 Review on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog

About Nykaa Jet Black 001 Rock The Line Kajal:

Gorgeous eyes on-the-go! Nykaa’s “Rock The Line Kajal” gives you intense all-day wear, and delivers triple-black pigment! Packed with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and C, this waterproof Kajal glides on effortlessly. No tugging, budging or smudging, we promise this kajal will be your holy grail.

*water-proof * smudge-proof *no transfer

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001 Review on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog


Category: Kajal
Price & quantity: INR 199 for 0.35g
Availability: Online & offline

How to use Nykaa Rock The Line Black Kajal:

Twist up the pencil, and glide it on your lower lids to make your eyes prominent. Layer it for a bold look or keep it natural with a single swipe. Voila! Your eyes have never looked so beautiful.

My Experience With Nykaa Rock The Line Jet Black Kajal 001:

Kajal is a staple in my makeup routine. I hardly step out of my home without wearing deep black kajal. At times, I apply coloured eyeliners though! But, yes if you check my makeup kitty, you’ll definitely find at least 2-3 black kohls from different brands aside from liquid eyeliners. For my droopy eyes, a black kajal is a must to give that fresh “wake-me-up” look!!

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001 Review on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog
Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001

Product Packaging:

Nykaa rock the line jet black kajal 001 comes in a cute, reddish pink & black coloured plastic packaging and in retractable format. The twisted mechanism allows for easy application of the product and is convenient for travel as well! The kajal comes encased in a card-board packaging wherein all the details related to the product are mentioned. 

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001 Review on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog
The soft tip of Nykaa jet black 001 kajal

Product Texture:

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal, shade 001 is absolutely jet black in colour. The texture is so smooth and creamy. It has no artificial fragrance.

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Product Performance:

Nykaa rock the line kajal claims to be packed with Vitamin E & C and delivers triple-black pigment! I agree, the kajal when applied definitely adds dimension to the eyes without causing any irritation and is also intensely pigmented. One swipe is enough to lend that stunning jet black pigmentation to your eyes. However, unlike its other claims, Nykaa rock the line kajal is not completely smudge-proof or transfer-proof!!

Every time I apply Nykaa kajal on my upper eyes for tight-lining purpose, it transfers immediately to the lower lash line! It also tends to bleed around the corners of my eyes. If you accidentally rub your eyes then it'll definitely get smudged, otherwise, it stays put all day long!! On my upper oily eyelid, it stays for around 6-7 hours in hot summers but never lasts long on the waterline. I never wore this kajal for more than 8 hours, so cannot comment on its 10 hrs claim!

EOTD & Swatches of Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001
On top lash line - Nykaa green eyeliner & waterline - jet black 001

Unlike other kajals I have tried previously, this is not a fast-drying one. Having smooth creamy texture and finish, it’s quite easy to work with this kohl! Nykaa rock the line kajal glides on effortlessly without any tugging or pulling and doesn’t dry instantly making it the best kajal for creating the smokey eyes! I always use this kajal as a base for my simple smokey eye looks!

texture Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001, swatches of Nykaa black kajal
Jet black 001 when smudged a little for smokey eyes!

Coming to its waterproof claim, yes, Nykaa rock the line kajal is certainly water-proof! I washed my face a couple of times to test this product and it fared well in this department. However, be extra cautious while applying this kajal to your eyes as the product is pretty soft and weak. If you exert too much pressure, it will break the tip (happened to me two times)!!

What I Liked About Nykaa Rock the Line Kajal Jet Black 001:
  • Creamy, smooth finish
  • Richly pigmented
  • A long-lasting everyday wear kajal
  • Doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes
  • No tugging/puling
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Waterproof
  • Great for creating soft smokey eyes 
  • Pocket-friendly

What I Disliked About Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001:
  • Not totally smudge-proof and transfer-proof
  • It comes in a retractable format to protect the nib from breakage. However, put a little pressure and the tip will break!  So be careful!

NBAM Rating: 4.8/5

To conclude,

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001 is a stunning, water-proof, long-lasting highly pigmented shade. I won’t say it is the best black kajal in the Indian beauty market but is surely a great pick for the beginners. If you are looking for a jet black kajal with a matte finish formula for your eyes, give this one a try!

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Jet Black 001 Review on Natural Beauty And Makeup Blog
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  1. I am not a fan of any cosmetic products but I appreciate how good this product is. Seeing this gives me an idea of what kind of gift to give to my sister on her birthday and I am sure she will love this stuff.

  2. This sounds like a great product and I love it because it's waterproof. I will definitely buy this product, thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome product, I never saw any of my family using this and seems really good recommendation, might purchase it as a gift, thank you for sharing it.

  4. This sounds like a great option for eye liner! I can't wear dark black, it just doesn't work for me, but my sister does so I will be sharing this one with her! I prefer a dark blue color for myself.

  5. Love how it can double as a shadow and liner...looks like a great product!

  6. Triple black? Wow, that sounds amazing! I've never heard of this brand before but sounds like the liner you need for a night out on the town!

    Candy Rachelle
    Keeping Up With Candy

  7. I admit I am not a big fan of eyeliner for me personally, and when I do use it I prefer a softer look. BUT the look of this one is stunning, and perfect for those who have the right eyes or want that more dramatic appearance!

  8. I wish I could wear eyeliner. I love the looks you posted.

  9. Natasha Romero Salas27 November 2019 at 14:38

    I have super sensitive eyes as well, so I am glad this worked for you. I also have watery eyes, so a waterproof eyeliner is a must.

  10. WOW this sounds really neat. I may have to check it out!

  11. I always thought Nykaa products are costly this is pretty much good for the price offered... Looks good one you ❤️

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  12. I love kajal eyeliner! It really gives the eye so much definition. I'm going to have to buy this eyeliner soon.

  13. I like how easy it is to draw as it is creamy and you have an honest review here and I love reading it.

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  16. I love the boldness of this eye liner - and how well it creates the smoky eye look. Hopefully one day I'll have a reason to wear makeup more often

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    Have a nice day.

  18. This looks very nice, I love the texture and how easy it is to work with!

  19. It does look pigmented and creamy. But those types do tend to break easily. I recently had that happen. Saddest thing ever. :(

  20. Wow..I'm impressed. It looks so easy to put on. I haven't really ever tried the soft creamy ones. The ones I normally use are the ones I have to use a lighter for to soften and put on. LOL. This way they last me a long time. This looks much easier though.

  21. looks so nice! I am not sure if my curvy hands might use it that well but it nice anyway

  22. This looks like a great product. I especially like that it's waterproof as I think that's important for eye make up.

  23. It looks like it's easy to apply, this is very important for me because I don't have sturdy hands.

  24. My partner using this Kajal right now. And I guess she is happy with the product. She always trusted Nykaa products

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  26. It looks so pigmented and intently black. Too bad it wasn't completely smudge proof x


  27. Nice packaging and looks easy to apply. And it's great that it's water proof. I hate it when my eye make up wents off easily.

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