Tuesday 14 January 2020

Birchbox January 2020 Review| Unboxing + My First Impression + Subscription Box

Hello everyone, happy 2020 😊,

Hope all of you are doing great. I was away from blogging for a while but now I am back on track! And today, I am going to share with you what I’ve got in my first ever Birchbox (UK beauty subscription box) January 2020!! This month Birchbox has collaborated with beautiful Rochelle Humes. So without further ado, let me show you what’s inside my January Birchbox!

What Birchbox says –

This January, all months long, we’ll be celebrating your individuality – the little quirks and wonderful “imperfections” that make you, YOU. And we couldn’t think of anyone better to share this mission with than Rochelle Humes – a natural beauty champion who believes that you’re great, Just the way you are (here, here!). 

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK no. 1 subscription box review
Birchbox January 2020 Unboxing

What’s Inside My Birchbox January 2020?

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It’s been long since I tried any subscription box. I wanted to try a few budget-friendly subscription boxes that are exclusively available in London, United Kingdom. Finally, I found this amazing beauty box – the Birchbox which is considered as UK’s number 1 subscription box, priced at only £12/month (shipping included)!! Birchbox has other options as well but for the time being, I picked the monthly subscription option.

Let’s unbox it!!

Look at this beautiful subscription box – the Birchbox!! WOW! Isn’t it pretty? The box came nicely packed inside a cute small pink carton.

Birchbox x Rochelle Humes January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box , NBAM blog
BIRCHBOX x Rochelle Humes

Okay, so the funda behind this Birchbox is quite similar to other subscription boxes (referring to my country India’s beauty boxes) like they send you 5 beauty products (2 full sizes & 3 sample sizes) specially tailored to your skin/hair/style. After you create an account and select your preferable subscription option as well as a payment mode, you need to fill in your details in the beauty profile section. The beauty profile category is great because they ask you some simple questions regarding your skin/hair concerns and all you need to do is honestly answering those questions (better tick marking) so that you get the best products in your box. Personalization at its best! Also, you get the opportunity to select your preferable shade (if any) as per your skin tone such as for foundation, highlighter, etc. Now, isn’t it great, hun?

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK number 1 subscription box
Birchbox January 2020

Coming to the products I received-

Melusine Jade Roller (Full Size):

Original price: £15.50

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box , Melusine Jade roller
Jade Roller

Okay, so honestly just to get this jade roller, I ordered this beauty box :P haha!! Melusine Jade roller is a quick fix for daily skincare struggles (read: boosting radiance and tightening pores), as well as a longer-term investment for improving elasticity and fine lines. Perfect for easing stress at the end of a long day of reducing puffiness in the morning, simply roll your tool across your forehead and under your cheekbones and jaw for a fast track to flawless skin.

This Jade Roller is cool to touch and is amazing. I am so happy with this product!

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (Travel size):

Original price: £10

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box , eyeko black magic mascara
Black magic mascara

Transform your lashes with the extraordinary powers of Eyeko’s Black Magic. The sickle-shaped wand creates the perfect amount of curl and the thick, rounded brush fully coats lashes with a water-resistant, jet black formula that lasts for 12 hours!

I was looking for a lovely black mascara and wow, got this one in my box! *happy dance*

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk in Pear Pressure (sample size):

Original price: £15

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK number 1 subscription box , beauty crop glow milk highlighter
Glow milk highlighter- Pear Pressure

Want maximum glow with minimal effort? Look no further than this gold-hued liquid highlighter. Enriched with coconut and argan oils, the hydrating formula leaves behind a dreamy dewy glow. All it takes 3 dots on your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and collarbones for envious radiance.

I have never tried highlighters in my life! So I am truly excited to try out this glow milk. The lovely Rochelle Humes has picked 3 shade options for us and I selected this shade Pear Pressure for my medium to dark skin tone. Fingers crossed! 

Greenfrog Botanic (sample size):

Original price: £9.95

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box , Greenfrog natural body lotion
Greenfrog Botanic Natural Body Lotion

Nourish dry skin with this hydrating body lotion that blends sweet-smelling argan oil and moisture-boosting glycerin. Made from 85% natural ingredients, the gentle formula intensively softens and hydrates for 48 hours, never leaves a sticky residue and comes in a recyclable bottle!

I love using body lotions so have high hopes from this natural product.

Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask (Full Size):

Original price: £4

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box , Oh K bubble sheet mask
Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask

Here comes my favourite skincare product – the sheet mask!!

This innovative bubbling sheet mask reacts with the oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles when you place it on your face, making your at-home spa session feel like a real treat.

I am super excited to try out this bubble sheet mask as I haven’t yet tried any mask like this! However, I expected a full-sized lip balm/lipstick/ any other products, not sheet mask. Because a single mask or one-time trial is not enough to judge a product, right?

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, free beauty pro ultimate collagen sheet mask set
Beauty Pro Ultimate Collagen Sheet Mask Set

This January, Birchbox is offering Beauty Pro Ultimate Collagen Set (a collection of best-selling anti-ageing sheet masks) for face and eyes worth £18, absolutely FREE with their subscription box! This offer is valid ONLY for this month and for new subscribers!

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box experience
Birchbox January 2020 

So these are the products I’ve received in my January 2020, Birchbox. Even if you count the total price of full-sized products, the amount is £19.5 plus you get some wonderful sample sized products for test and trial. For me, it’s a nice deal and worth the try!!

Birchbox January 2020 Review & Unboxing, UK subscription box
Save This For Later

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my first Birchbox and hope my next month’s box will be as good as it is! 

See you soon 😊

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  1. It looks like you received some great products in this! I've never done a subscription box before. I do agree, though, that a single-use product isn't great to really know how it will work long-term for you. But everything else looks easily worth the cost.

  2. I love reading review about subscription boxes. There are some lovely stuff in this box. Looking forward to read your next month's review.

  3. Patricia Chamberlain15 January 2020 at 07:06

    I have heard of Birchbox, but never tried it. It looks like you got a lot of great products!

  4. Great product! I have tried the product and I think they're ready worth it.

  5. Yeh Jade roller mujhe de de thakur

  6. Oh wow this looks jam packed with beautiful beauty goodies. Makes for a nice gift too


  7. I really like the boxes and the possibilities they give but obviously we have to frame, personally speaking, those that best reflect the type of beauty we love and I love the natural one. So box approved.

  8. The product looks great! I personally don't know the brand but I am sure my wife knows it. Sharing this post with her.

  9. I have yet to try Birchbox. I have heard so many great things about this subscription box, that I am tempted!

  10. That Jade Roller though! Wow! I think it's worth it for that alone! I also would love to try that facemask!

  11. My old boss once got me a Birch box subscription as a Christmas gift. It was such a fun treat!

  12. I am subscribed to a lot of beauty subscription box but not the Birchbox so I am happy to discover all the wonderful products here

  13. Oh my! I really love this box! So many stuff that I really love to try. The box was soooo cute!

  14. Ooooo looks like you got a ton of fabulous goodies in this months box!! Love it when you actually get products you will use

  15. It sounds like a terrific deal for what they charge. The roller alone costs more than the subscription. Kudos.
    Elizabeth O

  16. you moved to london? i was curious about the birchbox.. lem me check if they ship to netherlands.. :)