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Aroma Essentials Vitamin C Night Serum Review | Is it worth the try?

 Hello beauties,

I am back with another beauty review post! Today, I am going to review Aroma Essentials Vitamin C night serum with Kojic acid & Arbutin. I already reviewed other Aroma Auraganic Essentials products earlier on my blog (& channel). Check it out here if you haven’t read them yet! 

Aroma auraganic essentials vitamin c night serum review

Aroma Essentials Vitamin C Night Serum Review:

A lightweight Vitamin C serum, that helps in -

✅ UV protection and repair,

✅ Collagen production

✅ Skin lightening and brightening

✅ Acts as an anti-inflammatory and is a potent anti-oxidant



Facial serum

Target Skin Types

All skin types

Price & Quantity

INR 625 for 10 ml AND INR 1175 for 20 ml (Price may vary)

Shelf Life

1 year


Vitamin C, Kojic acid and Arbutin with Hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants

How To Use Aroma Essentials Vitamin C Serum:

Apply 2 drops, massage into skin

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My Experience With Aroma Essentials Vitamin C Night Serum:

(My skin type: Combination, dehydrated, sensitive & acne-prone)

I received this product in December 2019 and started using it from 1st week of January 2020. As always, this product was also specially customised for my skin by Madhurima, the brand owner and skin care expert at Aroma Essentials. She always listens to your skin woes before sending you the products, which I find truly amusing. Consult with her before you place your order!

my acne scar clearing journey with aroma essentials vitamin c night serum
Before 2018 (clear, acne-free skin) VS 2018 (acne & blemishes)

In 2018, I had suffered from severe acne for about five months. Although the prescribed medicine, diet and my simple beauty routine kept the acne at bay, it left my skin with dark spots and blemishes. See the photos attached above (& below) to get a clear picture of my (then) skin condition! So, when I discussed it with Madhurima, she sent me this vitamin c night serum with kojic acid, arbutin, and hyaluronic acid-infused formula to use as my regular serum, as well as to treat those skincare issues.

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Coming to its packaging & texture details- 

Aroma Essentials vitamin c night serum packaging
The packaging!


Aroma Essentials Vitamin C night serum comes in a dark blue coloured glass bottle with a black screw cap. Since I got a sample from the brand, it doesn’t come with a pipette! This bottle has a plastic inner lid which I had to puncture with a safety pin to get the product out of the bottle. Everything about the product is mentioned on the body of the bottle itself.  


Aroma Auraganic Essentials vitamin c night serum is water-based.  The colour of this serum is light yellow that looks almost transparent. It has a nice citrusy scent to it.

Texture of aroma auraganic essentials vitamin c night serum

Since this serum is water-based, it’s unstable and light-sensitive. So, it needs to be kept airtight in a dark, cool space πŸ™‚. I did that! 

How does Aroma Essentials Vitamin C serum work?

As mentioned, Aroma Essentials brand sent me this customised product specially for my skin type and issues. Thus, the product ingredients may differ from their other in-house vitamin c night serums. I’ve noticed this in their several products. The ingredients do vary, and so the experience!

Like every skincare enthusiast, I also wanted to try a potent vitamin C serum for my skin. Now, why do we use Vitamin C-infused products? The simple answer is, Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, and it helps improve the skin texture, treat hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration, and other skin issues!

The star ingredients of this Auraganic Essentials vitamin c night serum are natural skin brighteners - Kojic acid and Arbutin. Kojic Acid has anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties that help reduce the appearance of acne scars, sun spots, discolourations, etc. Similarly, Arbutin works as a brightener, and it helps even out the skin, lessen the dark spots, etc. Another great ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which is a powerful humectant, and well-known for its hydrating effect (helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles & dryness).  

Aroma essentials vitamin c night serum review
Aroma Essentials Vitamin C Night Serum

Aroma Essentials Vitamin C night serum is extremely lightweight. And, when applied, it gets absorbed by the skin instantly & disappears right away. I still used to give it a few seconds to get soaked into the skin completely before I applied my moisturiser.

Honestly, I was expecting fast results from this product (like within a week)! But, in my case, it took a long time to show up its positive effect. Well, I didn’t stop using it. I increased the usage frequency, instead! Initially, I used this vitamin c serum twice a week but gradually upgraded it to daily at night. As per the brand instruction, you need to apply only 2-drops to your skin. However, I slowly increased the amount and would apply 4-5 drops of it for the entire face and neck!

[Note: If you are wondering how much vitamin c serum is recommended for any skin type! Then based on the researches, 3-5 drops are fine!]

This Vitamin C night serum from Aroma Auraganic Essentials didn’t cause any breakouts or irritations whatsoever! The nice fruity citrus fragrance uplifts the mood and feels so refreshing. After almost 3-weeks of using it, I could see the improvement in my skin. The scars were fading gradually. So, if you are not getting immediate results with this product, do not worry! 

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The brand says that this Vitamin C night serum is for all skin types. However, I think this is great for normal to oily skin types. Although it has the Hyaluronic acid agent, my dehydrated, combination skin (which leans towards dry skin mostly) didn’t find it that nourishing! I had to follow it with a hydrating Vitamin E-infused moisturiser to keep my skin soft and plump. If you have dry skin, then better use another hydrating serum on top of this vitamin c serum and then follow it with your regular moisturiser. 

[Note: Vitamin C works great in combination with Vitamin E]

This Vitamin C night serum from Aroma Essentials helped reduce the scars, blemishes, and sun spots to a great extent! I wouldn’t say that this serum worked like magic and had made my skin super lighter and brighter (I am still a medium-dark skin-toned beauty πŸ˜›)! But, it definitely improved the skin texture and made my skin look even-toned, healthy, and better than before. What else could I have asked for, hun? See these photos for reference⬇️!

How aroma essentials vitamin c night serum works, does it remove acne scars

Before & After shots! (Thanks to AE Vit C serum + my medicines + diet)

After almost five months, the colour of this serum started to change from light yellow to deep yellow to brown and cloudy! I had to stop using it immediately. 

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What I like about it?

❤️ All natural

❤️ Handmade

❤️ Lightweight serum

❤️ Infused with skin-friendly, safe ingredients

❤️ Has a sweet, refreshing fruity scent

❤️Gets absorbed by the skin instantly, hence no chance of staining the pillows/blankets/throws! 

❤️ A little amount goes a long way

❤️ Effective and an efficient night serum

❤️ It significantly reduced the dark spots and blemishes

❤️ Makes skin look healthy and glowing

❤️ Good for all skin types, great for sensitive, blemish-prone & oily skin

What I dislike about it? 

☹️My combination skin didn’t find it nourishing! 

☹️Some may find it pricey!

☹️ It might not give you the best results immediately. So, please keep using it for a good period of time before you decide to throw it in the bin!



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Aroma Essentials Vitamin C night serum review
Save this for later

To sum up, 

I am highly pleased with this Aroma Auraganic Essentials Vitamin C night serum. It does what it claims! Even though, it didn’t give me fast results or completely removed the scars, yet I am happy. Because, it did significantly reduce those stubborn post acne marks, sun spots and blemishes from my skin. And most importantly, it gave me the confidence to share my raw, unedited, bare skin photos online πŸ™‚! Do I need to say more? :*

Will I repurchase Aroma Essentials all natural Vitamin C night Serum?

Yes, of course I’ll! I still struggle with acne, blemishes & sun spots. So I'd love to use Vitamin C infused products for my skin. Aroma Essentials brand provides international shipping service. But I wanted to get it during my usual India trip. Unfortunately, because of this pandemic crisis, last year, I could neither visit my home country (India) nor could I order it here online! Moreover, this brand always comes up with innovating skincare products. So, I’d love to explore their other vitamin C products as well πŸ˜‰!

I highly recommend it :)

I hope you find my review helpful.

See you soon ❤️

#PRSAMPLE but my opinions are 100% honest and my own! 

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Have You Tried Aroma Auraganic Essentials Vitamin C Night Serum? If Yes, Then Please Share Your Experience With Me In The Comment Section Below. 


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