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Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub Review

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Today, I am reviewing Aroma Auraganic Essentials coffee cinnamon body polish scrub. Is it a great natural scrub for dry skin? Does this body polish lighten the skin tone? Let’s find it out! 

Aroma Auraganic Essentials coffee cinnamon body polish scrub review
Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub Review

Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub Review:

Aroma (Auraganic) Essentials coffee cinnamon body polish scrub with coffee, cinnamon, epsom salt, coffee oil, alpha hydroxy acid helps remove dead skin cells, eliminates cellulite, aids in skin brightening and Anti-aging. 

Ingredients of Aroma Essentials Coffee Body Scrub:

Coffee, Cinnamon, Epsom salt, Coffee oil, Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

Price & quantity: 

INR 750 for 350g and INR 475 for 175g (price may vary).

Suitable for - 

All skin types (Do not use on cuts, burns, bruises, etc.).


Apply on wet skin, scrub gently for 3-5 minutes and wash off. Do not use soap. 

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My Experience With Aroma Essentials Coffee Body Polish Scrub:

I received this product as a PR sample long back with other products. You can read the reviews here. I finished this body polish a few months ago but couldn’t publish the post as I had to travel to India for my parents’ treatments. Anyway, let’s get into the details right away!


Aroma Essentials coffee cinnamon body scrub that I received from the brand came in a transparent plastic container secured with a yellow-coloured screw lid. All the necessary info related to the product is mentioned on the packaging. 

Texture of Aroma Auraganic Essentials coffee cinnamon body polish scrub
Texture of Aroma Essentials Coffee scrub


Aroma Auraganic Essentials coffee cinnamon body polish scrub has a coarse, granular texture. It has a strong yet divine fragrance. Those who don’t like coffee scent might dislike the overpowering smell. However, the scent doesn’t last long post usage. 


Even though I am not a coffee addict, I like using coffee in my henna hair masks to get the deep brown shade. So I was super excited upon receiving this coffee cinnamon body scrub from one of my favourite Indian natural brands, Aroma Essentials. 

Do you know why beauty experts and skincare enthusiasts rave about coffee masks? It’s because coffee (/coffee oil) has several skin benefits. The presence of coffee/coffee oil in any skincare product helps improve the appearance of dark spots, redness, and fine lines. Coffee has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and it gently exfoliates the skin. They help calm and soothe skin, add moisture, reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin, control excess oil/sebum and make skin smoother and brighter looking. 

The Aroma Essentials coffee body scrub has some common and effective ingredients like Coffee, Cinnamon, Epsom salt, Coffee oil, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Cinnamon is known for its exotic aroma and is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against the damage caused by free radicals. Epsom salt gently exfoliates the dead skin cells. 

Now there are 7-types of alpha-hydroxy acids (a group of plant and animal-derived acids) that are commonly used in skincare products, such as - citric acid, glycolic acid, hydroxy caproic acid, hydroxy caprylic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. I am unsure which type of AHA is present in this body polish scrub! However, AHAs are highly effective at brightening your complexion, promoting collagen and blood flow, reducing scars and dark spots, and preventing acne breakouts. 

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So how to use Aroma Essentials coffee cinnamon body polish scrub?

I followed the brand’s instructions. I took a generous amount of this coffee scrub and applied it to my wet skin. I scrubbed my skin gently for about 3-5 minutes with this body polish and then washed it off. The brand has clearly stated that we should not use soap after using this scrub! 

The scrub comes packed in a container. Hence taking out the product with wet hands in the shower may damage the product's longevity and quality. So, I used to take a copious amount of product in a small bowl for single use. 

Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub Review
Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub 

How Does It Work? 

This body scrub is so good, my friends! My husband suffers from back acne and has oily skin. He loves using coarse body scrubs for his body & face, and in my case, it’s the other way around! The best part was, with its regular use, it helped prevent his back acne. Hence, he was in love with this all-natural, vegan coffee body scrub ❤️.

I have super dry skin. So I used this scrub once a week (hubby twice a week) to buff away all the dead skin cells and dirt. It exfoliates the skin efficiently without drying out your skin. I won’t say it’s super gentle on skin because you’ll feel that gritty, granular texture when rubbing your skin. If you like using only finely milled smooth scrubs, it might disappoint you. 

The body polish never irritated my dry, sensitive skin, rather made it soft and smooth. My skin gets easily tanned, and this coffee body scrub, true to its claim, brought back the glow and my natural skin colour in just a few days the last summer. You need to use it regularly, though! The scrub left our skin feeling squeaky clean, soft, fresh, and glowing. 

The product lasts for a respectable amount of time. In our case, it lasted about two months and a half! During winter, I had to follow it with my regular body oil to nourish my skin afterwards, though.

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What I Like About Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub:

  • All natural

  • Has all skin-loving and caring ingredients

  • Has a divine fragrance

  • Feels refreshing on the skin

  • Imparts glow to the skin

  • Makes skin soft and visibly brighter

  • Works as a de-tan product!

  • Works as a great organic exfoliator for skin

  • Lasts long

  • Has a non-drying formula

  • Doesn’t irritate the skin

  • Affordable

  • Cruelty-free, vegan body scrub

What I Dislike About Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish Scrub:

  • The texture might hurt extremely sensitive skin! My sister has super sensitive skin, and she was reluctant to use this scrub for the second time

  • You need to buy this product from the maker’s site (FB page- Aroma Essentials) only! It’s not available on other e-commerce sites or stores. 

RATING: 4.9/5

To sum up,

Aroma Auraganic Essentials coffee cinnamon body scrub is a great scrub that exfoliates your skin effectively and provides you with clean, fresh, and glowing skin. This natural coffee body scrub along with thermal water, helped control my husband’s back acne. Hence, you can definitely check it out if it’s one of your main skin concerns. 

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have used several beauty products from this brand. And to date, I’ve had no issues with any Aroma Essentials product! So, if you are interested in trying out natural beauty products, you can check out this brand. 

#PRSAMPLE but my opinions are 100% honest and my own! 


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  1. I drink coffee everyday and it would be a different experience for me to rub something like this on me.. but why not, something new is an experience to learn from. Another interesting coffee product.

    1. Haha, I know! My husband felt the same when I asked him to try this scrub 😜😬. However, later he was in love with it ❤️πŸ™‚. So, give it a shot!

  2. You had me at coffee! This product sounds amazing and I am always looking for a good skin scrub. Like you I have dry skin and need something that will be gentle but also gets the job done. Sounds like this is a winner!

    Maureen |

  3. This is awesome! I read that coffee is very healthy to the skin. I will get the scrub.

  4. All in for natural products for body and skin. Coffee scrubs are my favorite, I used to one for myself handmade at home often. These days I'm lazy and buy it from my masseuse.

    1. Same here! I used to make so many homemade skin and hair masks but now, don't have that energy 😞😬.

  5. You seem to have tried a lot of their products - I haven't tried them yet

  6. I think this is good for my dry skin too. will look for this to try.

    1. Yes, you can try it for your dry skin πŸ™‚❤️