Tuesday 28 November 2023

Review - Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Conditioner (Paraben & Fragrance Free)

Hi dear readers,

I hope all of you are enjoying the festive fall season! Today, I’m reviewing Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Hair Conditioner. I've already reviewed their shampoo on this blog a month back 🙂. So, does this vegan, sustainable, fragrance-free, and organic Beauty Kitchen conditioner really provide weightless roots and silky soft hair ends? Let’s find out!

Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner review

Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Hair Conditioner Review:

Product Description:

This gentle conditioner naturally nourishes whilst protecting colour and reducing breakage without weighing your hair down. This organic conditioner is bursting with super-gentle, all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients - like organic aloe vera and coconut. 

Results: Beautiful hair that is all of life and movement.

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Category:  Hair Conditioner

Target hair type: All hair types

Price & Qty: £10.00 for 300ml (price may vary)

Shelf life: 6 months from opening the product

Availability: Online

I purchased it online. You can buy this Beauty Kitchen Everyday Organic Gentle Hair Conditioner from the official website - Beauty Kitchen or Amazon. 

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Ingredients of Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner:

Aqua (Water), aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe Vera) leaf juice, cetearyl alcohol (Vegetable), glycerin (Rapeseed), distearoylethyl dimonium chloride (Vegetable), cocos nucifera (Organic Coconut Oil) oil, erythritol (Corn Starch), coco caprylate (Vegetable), tocopherol (Vitamin E), guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (Guar Flour), hydroxyacetophenone (Antioxidant), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid.


Massage gently into damp hair. If you have time, leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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My Experience with the Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner:

 (hair type & texture: Type 1C|oily, itchy scalp with dry ends |coloured hair)

As a natural product lover, I always look for gentle haircare products that are free of nasty chemicals. Since I dye my hair naturally at home to cover the grey hair, colour-protect shampoos & conditioners get the highest priority while buying haircare products. I have been using both the hair cleanser & conditioner from the Beauty Kitchen’s Gentle range for the past few months. I reviewed the shampoo earlier on this blog and now is the time for its partner conditioner. 

Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner review
Packaging of Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Conditioner 

Product Packaging:

Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner is made sustainably in the UK. The conditioner comes in a recyclable aluminium bottle with a pump (plastic) dispenser. The brand has used the most sustainable water-resistant material, Rock Paper Labels, on the packaging. You can find all the conditioner-related information on the back of the bottle. So, read the ingredients well before you make the purchase. 

Another interesting fact about Beauty Kitchen products is that they follow the Return-Reuse-Repeat policy. You can either reuse the packaging yourself or send it back to the brand for free. They will wash and reuse the bottle for the next batch. It’s better than recycling! Check out their site for more info - returnrefillrepeat.com .


Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle hair conditioner has a white creamy texture with a medium thick consistency. It is completely fragrance-free. 

Texture of Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner review
Texture shots - Beauty Kitchen Gentle Organic Conditioner 

The brand claims due to natural ingredients, colour and consistency may vary, and it’s true to an extent. When I pumped this conditioner for the first time onto my palm, it looked curdled and separated! However, after a couple of usages, it started looking normal as it should be!

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Product Performance:

I take copious amounts of this hair conditioner to nourish my tresses, especially the dry hair ends. The creamy formula makes it super easy to apply to my cleansed hair. Once applied, I leave it for about 2 minutes before washing it off with cold/normal temperature water. It is easy to rinse and doesn’t leave any greasy residues/slimy feeling afterwards 🙂. 

I am happy to report that it beautifully moisturises my shoulder-length, type 1C hair 😍. True to its claim, it leaves my thin/fine, dry hair soft, nourished, and manageable without weighing it down. I have frizz-prone hair, but the Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle hair conditioner takes care of this issue, as well ❤️. Moreover, I have never experienced scalp itchiness with the Beauty Kitchen shampoo and conditioner duo to date! 

If you have coloured hair, no worries. Both the BK Everyday Gentle shampoo and conditioner help protect my hair colour. I have also used this conditioner with other shampoos that do not have the same formula, yet it works great, always. I must admit I never got that silky effect from this conditioner, but it is okay! As an everyday-use conditioner, this is perfect 👌🏻. I cleanse my hair with shampoo/conditioner only twice a week, though! 

What I Like About Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Hair Conditioner:

❤️ Truly gentle

❤️ Free of nasty chemicals

❤️ Contains the finest natural ingredients

❤️ Protects hair colour

❤️ Helps manage unruly, frizz-prone hair

❤️ Hair looks and feels soft and smooth

❤️ Easy to wash off

❤️ Doesn’t impart greasy or slippery feel to the hair

❤️ Perfect for thin, dry hair and itchy scalp

❤️ Good for all hair types 

❤️ Vegan and cruelty-free

❤️ Recyclable/sustainable packaging

❤️ Reasonably priced

❤️ Fragrance free 

What I Don’t Like About Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Hair Conditioner:

I couldn’t find any negative points about this conditioner. That being said, if you like scented hair conditioners that give a super sleek look and silky feel, this conditioner is not for you 😒. We can’t expect those silky/shiny effects from such natural and organic silicone-free conditioners. 

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To sum up,

Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic hair conditioner is an amazing mild hair moisturiser that nourishes your hair strands without weighing them down! The quantity you get for the price is great as well. If you are allergic to fragrances or silicones, this mild, sustainably made, organic hair conditioner is ideal for you. This is truly the UK's one of the best paraben free, organic hair conditioners 😍. 

Beauty Kitchen everyday gentle organic hair conditioner review
Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic Hair Conditioner 

I highly recommend it to every natural beauty products lover 🙂. 


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So tell me, have you tried Beauty Kitchen Everyday Gentle Organic hair conditioner? If yes, please share your experience with me in the comment section below.

I hope you found this review helpful. 

See you soon ❤️


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