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The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner Review

Hey everyone, I am so sorry for being MIA!! Well, I was busy setting up my new beauty and lifestyle blog Everything Enchanting. And at the same time, I was working on this blog’s technical issues. Anyway, today I am going to review The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner from their Earthborne range! To know more about this 2-in-1 haircare product for dry & damaged hair, keep scrolling down!

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner review

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About The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner:

The brand says- 

Give life back to your dry, damaged chemically treated hair with the goodness of this 2 in 1 Sandalwood shampoo and conditioner. It nourishes and moisturizes your hair deeply and forms a protective barrier for further damage resulting in soft, lustrous, and manageable tresses throughout the day. Apply a small amount & gently massage into the hair & scalp area. Rinse with warm water & repeat if necessary.

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner review
The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner



Shampoo & Conditioner

Type of hair

For dry & damaged hair

Price & Qty

INR 225 for 50 ml (I bought 250ml product at Rs. 995)

Shelf Life

2 years



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Ingredients of The Nature's Co Sandalwood Shampoo, conditioner:

It’s key ingredients are-

Sandalwood extract, Aloe vera Plant extract ,Sunflower) seed oil.

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner ingredients
Ingredients + Product Description

My Experience With The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner:

  (My hair type- oily scalp, dry ends, dandruff and breakage prone)

I purchased this sandalwood shampoo cum conditioner for my dry, dull hair. The product was about to expire in 2020. Thankfully I finished it on time! The Nature’s Co shampoos last me for about six months, conditioners about 8-9 months ( I wash my hair twice a week). So, even if they are expensive, they are worth the purchase. 

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner REVIEW
The Packaging

Product packaging:

The Nature’s Co sandalwood hair cleanser cum conditioner comes in their standard TNC packaging. The bottle is sandalwood coloured and is also recyclable! You'll find the product-related information on the back of the packaging. Well, this is not a travel-friendly product. 

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Product Texture:

The colour of the Nature’s Co sandalwood shampoo cum conditioner is true to its name - sandalwood! The product has a smooth creamy texture with semi-thick consistency. I love its pleasant sandalwood scent.

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner texture
The Texture

Product Performance:

To wash my hair, I would take a generous amount of this shampoo cum conditioner, mix it with a little water, and then apply to the hair. The shampoo is sulphate free yet produces a good amount of foam to cleanse the hair. A gentle scalp massage with this product for 1-2 minutes and you are done! It effectively cleanses the dirt, oil everything from the scalp without stripping off its natural oil. I never faced difficulty with washing it off my hair.

My hair quality is getting worse day by day due to London’s hard water. I am always on the lookout for nourishing, hair-fall controlling products. I am also consuming supplements, applying hair serums, and masks consistently to achieve the lustrous hair. Since my hair ends are super dry and tangle a lot, the Nature’s Co sandalwood hair cleanser cum conditioner alone couldn’t suffice the purpose. I had to use another conditioner afterwards to make my hair soft and smooth. But, on days when I was in a hurry or had oiled my hair, I washed my tresses with this shampoo without using any extra conditioner. Thankfully, my hair behaved well afterwards! 

However, for normal to combination hair or dry hair minus tangles & frizziness, this sandalwood shampoo would be the perfect product. It gives a beautiful bounce to the hair and provides you with a smooth, flowy tresses. I have never experienced itchy scalp with this product, and moreover, it didn’t cause acne near the hairline! Did you know it is also tear-proof? No more crying red eyes during the shower!

Looking to achieve a super shiny hair with this sandalwood product? Then you might be a little disappointed here! The Nature’s Co brand makes all-natural, paraben-free, sulphate-free hair care products. So, you might not get a super silky, shiny hair with their products, but be rest assured that their products aren’t going to harm you. I have been using The Nature’s Co hair care products for the past 5 years!

What I Liked About The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Shampoo Cum Conditioner:

  • A two-in-one haircare product
  • Gentle hair care product
  • An effective hair cleanser
  • Doesn’t itch or dry out the scalp
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts near the hairline
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Adds a nice bounce to hair
  • Noticed less hair fall during shower
  • Creates a rich lather
  • Has a pleasant sandalwood scent
  • Tear-proof

What I Didn’t Like About The Nature’s Co Shampoo Cum Conditioner:

  • Product packaging! I don’t know why I don’t like this packaging. I prefer simple cylindrical bottles over rectangular, not-so-user friendly bottles for shampoos
  • It is a shampoo cum conditioner, which means it claims to be a highly nourishing hair care product. However, if you have dry, frizzy, unruly hair with loads of tangles, you will need to use a nourishing conditioner separately afterwards. I hardly used it alone!

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NBAM Rating: 4.6/5

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner review


I found The Nature’s Co sandalwood hair cleanser cum conditioner to be a gentle and effective shampoo cum conditioner. I always noticed less hair fall while washing my hair with this shampoo (I have PCOS). Although this product is for dry, frizzy hair, it didn’t work great for me! I had to use another conditioner to manage my dry, rough hair along with this product. I feel for other hair types this 2-in-1 product would be perfect!


If you are searching for a chemical-free, good gentle shampoo cum conditioner for your hair, then do give this a shot!

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